The Best Blunt Wraps in 2023

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Blunts are an icon in cannabis culture, especially in social settings. These slow-burning rolls produce softer, often flavored smoke, and their size makes them perfect for sharing.

However, a good blunt needs a good wrap, and nowadays, there are many options to choose from. In this blog post, we'll go through everything you need to know about blunt wraps, how to choose the right one, and the best options you can get today.

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What to Consider in a Blunt Wrap

Here's what you should keep in mind when choosing your next blunt wrap:


The material of the wrap is vital. Here are the most common materials:

  • Tobacco Wraps: Traditional blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves, like those from cigar brands like Swisher Sweets or Dutch Masters, and other brands you can usually find at gas stations. Cigar wraps provide a distinct flavor and aroma due to the nicotine content.
  • Hemp Wraps: Hemp wraps are a popular choice for those who want a tobacco-free option. They are made from hemp leaves and are known for their mild flavor, slow burn, and natural appeal.
  • Leaf Wraps: Leaf wraps are typically made from whole tobacco leaves or other plant materials, such as palm or banana leaves. They are minimally processed and do not contain the additives, preservatives, or flavorings often found in commercial tobacco wraps.
  • Flavored Herb Wraps: Many blunt wraps are made of a blend of flavored herbs to add extra taste to your smoke. Popular flavors include fruit, berry, and dessert options. Just remember that flavored wraps may affect the overall taste of your herb.


The brand of the blunt wrap can make a difference in terms of quality and flavor consistency. Few people know that blunts got their very name from the Philly Blunt brand of cigars! Trusted brands like Backwoods, Zig-Zag, King Palm, and High Hemp are known for their quality wraps.

Do some research and try a few different brands to find out which ones are the best for you.


Blunt wraps come in various price ranges, with premium brands costing more. Consider your budget when selecting a wrap. While premium wraps may offer enhanced quality, more affordable options can still give you a smooth smoking experience.


Blunt wraps come in different sizes, typically ranging from standard to XL or King-size. The wrap size will determine how much dry herb you can roll into your blunt. Pick a size that allows you to consume however much dry herb you plan on smoking.

The Best Blunt Wraps in 2023

Ready to roll a blunt? Here are the best blunt wraps you can get, all available for purchase online at Smoke Cartel:

Best All-Around Hemp Wraps: Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps are known for their flavorful options and use of hemp, making them perfect for anyone looking for a natural, non-tobacco alternative. The size of cigarillos, the Hemparillos come in multiple fruity and natural flavors.

Best Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps: Tyson Ranch x Futurola Terp-Infused Blunt Wrap

Terpene-infused blunt wraps can give a unique and enhanced flavor profile to your smoking experience. The collaboration between Tyson Ranch and Futurola offers sensational, slow-burning, terpene-infused hemp paper blunt wraps, which you can get in packs of up to 25!

Best Fruity Blunt Wraps: King Palm 4pk Goji Wraps

Very few blunt wraps can approach in flavor to King Palm's Goji Wraps, made from compressed goji berries into thin, slow-burning, easy-to-roll wraps. These wraps come in various flavors and are perfect for a sweet and fruity smoking sesh.

Best Pre-Rolled Cones: King Palm Slim Pre-Roll Wraps

Make your life easier with the King Palm Slim Pre-Roll Wraps made of hand-rolled leaves. These delicious and artisanally made natural leaf wraps are made from handpicked leaves from the Singapore rainforests, perfect for health-conscious smokers who want to avoid chemically processed products.

You can also find them in King Size.

Best Organic Hemp Wraps: Endo Organic Hemp Wrap Cones

Endo Organic Hemp Wrap Cones are made from 100% organic, GMO-free German hemp. This affordable 15-pack is perfect for frequent smokers so you never run out of wraps to roll your next blunt.

Best No-Frills Blunt Wraps: Zig Zag Hemp Wraps

Zig Zag Hemp Wraps are simple, delicious, nicotine-free wraps with flavors made to enhance the natural flavors of your herbs. This affordable 25-pack with two pieces each is perfect if you smoke blunts often!

Best Value: Twisted Hemp Original Wraps

Packing four hemp wraps for only 99 cents, Twisted Hemp Wraps are perfect if you're looking to make a lot of blunts with a small budget. Entirely made out of 100% natural hemp, find out why this brand is a favorite among stoners!

Honorable Mention: Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps

Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps receive an honorable mention thanks to their natural, slow-burning wrappers. Although you may not find these as easily at most dispensaries and smoke shops, these hemp blunt wraps offer a natural and smooth smoking experience.

Buy Blunt Wraps Online at Smoke Cartel

Ready to elevate your smoking experience with a wide selection of blunt wraps? Whether you're new to blunt wraps or a seasoned enthusiast, Smoke Cartel has everything you need for a premium smoking experience. You can click on your favorite blunt wraps to buy them and get them shipped immediately to your door.

Are you looking for more guidance on choosing a blunt wrap? Check out our guide on how to select the healthiest rolling papers.

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