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Ask any smoker what their favorite holiday is, and they’ll probably give you the same answer.  Let’s face it, the average smoker spends 364 days per year sweatily and anxiously anticipating April 20th, and 1 day per year in uniform tranquility with the earth, mathematics, and their true self.  In fact, sometimes there is such a wellspring of joy and happiness from celebrating 4/20 that some smokers may find themselves awestruck with too many options and potentialities.  No sweat, smokers: here’s some recommendations straight from Smoke Cartel itself.

Show off your true colors

What are a smoker’s true colors?  There’s green for dry herbs, yellow for concentrate, and, well, maybe a little bit of black for ash.  Or, you could just represent your love for all aspects of smoking with the 4/20 icon, the pineapple!  The correlation between 4/20 and the pineapple fruit may have started on Reddit with r/trees, but the pineapple also represents one of the tastiest strains around, good times all around, and makes for some colorful fashion for any occasion.

There are a couple of ways the pineapple can be your go-to symbol for 4/20/17.  For one, there’s the trendy and impeccably rendered Pineapple Spoon Hand Pipe from fellow Savannah-based glassblowers, Glassheads.  Or if concentrates are more your thing, you could check out the Pineapple Silicone Wax Container from Entropy labs, perfect for keeping your oils fresh and safe.  Lastly -- and perhaps most importantly -- one of the best options for a pineapple-y 4/20 are the Pineapple Flavored Rolling Papers from Juicy Jay!  Double a couple of these with some fresh Pineapple Express, and expect the flavor to have you celebrating all through the night.

Finish off your stash of dry herbs with a glass blunt

Looking for a simple but powerful way to enjoy your dry herbs?  Look no further than Sesh Supply’s “Easy Slider” Glass Blunt.  This unique little gem combines all of the benefits of smoking with glass with the practicality and streamlined potency of a rolled joint.  Just insert your stash of dry herbs into the tube and smoke it just like you do with your papers.  Once your dry herbs start to get ashy, just push the slider through the tube to empty it of ash and keep your stash going.

This process is a lot like using a chillum.  But the potential to keep using it without ever repacking or washing it out makes the “Easy Slider” a must-have item for 4/20.  Its portability makes it useful for any occasion, and its size is just small and discreet enough to fit right in your shirt pocket.  With the “Easy Slider,” nothing can really slow you down.

Treat yourself with a tabletop vaporizer

What is the ultimate luxury for a 4/20 fanatic?  The tabletop vaporizer combines the all the smooth hits and health benefits of a typical pen-style vaporizer with the wonder of balloon-style inhaling.  Tabletop vaporizers are also designed to specify heat settings exactly to your liking, making them perfect for the smoker who prefers the tried-and-true approach to vaporizing.  Tabletop vaporizers at Smoke Cartel are available for both dry herbs and concentrates depending on your preference!

Currently, Smoke Cartel offers two brands of tabletop vaporizers from our online store.  The first, Arizer, is perhaps known for their portable vaporizers, but also offers incredible tabletop vaporizers in the form of the classic V-Tower and the upgraded Extreme-Q, which offers the ability to use balloon bags.  Arizer vaporizers are incredibly versatile, and are compatible with both dry herbs and waxes.  If you’re looking for a little bit more brand recognition, Storz and Bickel is a German brand widely known for their Volcano tabletop vaporizer, available as the Digital Volcano and the Analogue (Classic) Volcano based on their heat settings.  Depending on your familiarity, Volcano models of tabletop vaporizers are available with both the solid valve balloon set for those who have used the Volcano before, and the EZ valve set for beginners.  The Volcano vaporizers are compatible with dry herbs only.

Switch between concentrate and flower with BoroTech

Want the best of both worlds but only want to clean one pipe?  You just might find a note of satisfaction with BoroTech’s incredible “Munnin.”  The “Munnin” features two joints -- one male and the other female, perfect for a bowl and nail combo -- so that you can get double the power out of each hit.  If you’ve got a buddy around to help you, the “Munnin” is a dream come true for smokers who like to keep their options open.  For 4/20, you might even want to try mixing a sativa with an indica strain to see what kind of amazing hybrid the “Munnin” can concoct for you.

BoroTech is a brand of glass from the Hebei province of China.  Made exclusively for Smoke Cartel, the brand meets all of the design standards you’re used to from Smoke Cartel along with an affordable price tag.

Get 15% off from Smoke Cartel!!

Need to just stock up in general?  You’re in luck -- Smoke Cartel is offering 15% off all Glass Guard eligible products!  Glass Guard is a unique kind of glass insurance offered only by Smoke Cartel.  If your piece breaks, you can get an entirely brand new piece for only half the price!  Glass Guard is only 5% of the original pipe’s cost, and it’s totally worth it if you’re known to bang up a pipe or two.

To get your 15% off, just enter “420BLAZEIT’ into the coupon code at checkout.  

Happy holidays from Smoke Cartel.  And happy shopping!

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