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Water-cooled hits on the go? YES YOU CAN

The portability and straightforward nature of hand pipes make them a standard feature in every smoker’s arsenal. Though hand pipes are a classic and reliable way to smoke, they usually don’t provide any sort of filtration. That's a hiccup for smokers searching for smooth smoke seshes on the go—and a bubbler is the cure.

Why choose a bubbler?

Bubblers offer all of the convenience and portability of a dry pipe with the added benefit of filtration. Plus, a bubbler can just as easily function as a dry pipe—just don’t add water.

Bubblers also tend to look more ornate than standard hand pipes as they require a basin-like bowl to hold water. This design enables glass blowers to get a little crazier with bubbler shapes than they might with a spoon, making bubblers an obvious choice for glass collectors.

What types of filtration do bubblers offer?

Most bubblers have simple diffusers with no more than three holes. Even though these diffusers are not very complicated, they do a phenomenal job of cooling smoke for an ultra-smooth hit. Bubblers are essentially a portable water pipe, what more could you want!?

Sesh Supply is the only company consistently creating elaborate percolators inside of bubblers. They currently offer the following two styles:

Sesh Supply’s “Castor”

Sesh Supply "Castor"

The “Castor” bubbler sports Sesh Supply’s signature Cube perc. This awesome perc has a total of six slits for pleasurable bubbler seshes.

The “Castor” features colored work on the lip and perc available in several different colors including Illuminati and Red Elvis. This functional hand pipe is three and a half inches long, making it the perfect travel pipe.

Sesh Supply’s “Pollux”

Sesh Supply "Pollux"

The “Pollux” is the big brother to the “Castor.” This mighty bubbler features the same color selections as the “Castor” but sports Sesh Supply’s Propellor perc for extra percolation.

The four point Propellor perc spins when air is pulled through it, delivering an exceptionally unique bubbler experience. No other bubbler on the market possesses a spinning perc, so don’t miss the opportunity to own the world’s most functional hand pipe!

Browse Smoke Cartel's awesome selection of bubblers for a percolating hand pipe that matches your style!

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