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By Smoke Cartel Crew on Jan 22, 2016

Smoke Cartel Fast Facts


Who the hell are we?

Your favorite online headshop is staffed with your kind of people, a team of glass enthusiasts and smokers like you.

When you speak with a representative of Smoke Cartel, you can be sure that you’re speaking with a knowledgeable fellow consumer in a professional and respectful environment. Smoke Cartel employees try out the products and write reviews!  You can follow @smokecartelcrew on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes peek at what the crew does all day.

Where we are

Smoke Cartel’s warehouse is located in the southeastern port city of Savannah, GA. We're one of the few online headshops to ship out of the southeast United States. At Smoke Cartel, we’re extremely proud of our hometown, and even feature Georgia’s iconic peach on our company emblem. Savannah is a city known for its rich and complex history, its natural beauty, and the geniality of its locals. Smoke Cartel is very proud to be part of Savannah's future. 



We're here to help

Did you know that Smoke Cartel has an entire FAQ for any questions that may pertain to your order? We highly encourage our customers to check out the FAQ before they order from us, and if you have any subsequent questions you can feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives!  You can contact one of our reps through email or by phone and they will respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Smoke Cartel customer service team has your best interest in mind, and they too want to make sure that you have the best sesh possible!


Get it fast!

With all items in the inventory, we offer free domestic shipping and low-cost international shipping.  When shopping online, shipping costs can creep up and surprise you during the checkout process. At Smoke Cartel, we’ve completely bypassed that surprise for you. Now when you shop for glass, you know exactly what you are getting and at what price you are getting it. No hidden fees or shopping cart anxiety, just high-quality glass delivered straight to your door.

We replace or refund all items broken in shipping

As much as it saddens us to think about, when it comes to shipping glass cross-country, sometimes accidents can happen.  Thankfully, it’s very rare that our pieces break during the shipping process due to the care that we take while packaging and sending them out. But on the off-chance that something bad should happen to your piece, you can contact customer service for a full refund or replacement with our GlassGuard guarantee. Replacements are shipped out as soon as possible, so no matter what happens, fear not for your glass and your happiness!


To see the bigger picture on how things work at our warehouse, check out our Fast Facts video down below!  


About the Author

Smoke Cartel - Online Headshop

Smoke Cartel Crew

Written by the staff here at Smoke Cartel. Our passionate team of headshop professionals are dedicated to educating people on products in the online headshop industry, from glass, to vaporizes, and all the consumption devices and accessories in between.

We believe that knowing how your products are made, what they were originally designed for, and how to properly use them - is essential to keeping our customers happy. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us!



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