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Blue Cheese

Blue cheese glass is a common bold color among borosilicate glassblowers.  Blue cheese glass is usually very dense and easily mixed.  Many glassblowers, such as Haha Glass from Asheville, North Carolina, prefer to use this color blue on its own for vibrant pops of color and to direct the eye.  Other variations include diet blue cheese, baby blue cheese, and silver blue cheese.


Illuminati glass contains uranium, is one of the most popular colors of glass for its unique trick of glowing under UV light.  Illuminati can be the main focal point of a piece, it can make a nice accent, or it can even go unnoticed until the smoker shines a UV light on the piece.  When not under a UV light, Illuminati glass has a pale yellow-green tint, as opposed to the eye popping neon green color it turns under the UV.


There are many different theories as to why slyme glass is so popular these days, and I tend to be aligned with the theory that it has to do with all of those Saturday nights spent by little proto-smokers in the 1990s watching Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.  Slyme tends to be tricky to work with, but when done right it can range from a bright green to startling pink to gorgeous purple.  You can almost definitely identify slyme glass from the little bubbles trapped within it.


Serendipity is a little bit less common, but still makes for some beautiful glass.  Serendipity from afar has an amber/honey hue, but upon closer inspection reveals gorgeous pink and blue undertones and streaks.  Serendipity glass is common found on peach-themed or honey-themed pieces and pendants, but can even be found on some of the most impressive headies.

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