Swiss Perc - Water Pipes and Oil Rigs

Swiss Perc - Water Pipes and Oil Rigs

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A swiss percolator is a unique style of perc named for its resemblance to swiss cheese. Swiss percs take the form of large "swiss hole" filled discs built into the body of a pipe.   These percs function to let smoke and water pass around the holes, filtering and cooling your smoke for a super smooth hit. Check out our Swiss Perc Sweetness article for an in-depth examination of the mighty percolator!

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"The Reactor" Swiss Sphere Style Water Pipe with Bent Neck and Color Accents

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"The Einstein" Honeycomb to Swiss Perc Recycler

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Sesh Supply "Orion" Cube Perc Swiss Recycler

$ 180.00

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"Swiss Bliss" Swiss Perc Two Stage Recycler

$ 69.00

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