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A steam roller is a unique dry pipe designed to quickly clear hits with little effort. Steam rollers feature a streamlined cylindrical design. The carb is positioned on the end of the pipe, rather than the side of the bowl like traditional glass hand pipes. When released, the position of this carb allows air to travel more easily through the pipe, guiding smoke into your lungs with very little resistance. Steam rollers are an awesome addition to every herb lover’s collection because of their clearing capabilities. If you’re a hand pipe fan, steam rollers are a fun change of pace! These glass pieces consistently deliver full, strong hits. Steam roller fans enjoy the effective harshness characteristic of this kind of pipe. But if you’re looking for a smooth and easy-smoking pipe, steer clear of the steam roller— maybe you should be looking into getting a bubbler for the added filtration.

Smoke Cartel has a nice variety of steam rollers from different glass blowers available for purchase. If you’re looking for a straightforward steam roller, check out the Grav Labs Large Steam Roller. If you’re for a unique steam roller, Smoke Cartel has a few from heady glass blowers to change up your 420 sessions.


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