Dry Pipes

We've all seen a pipe. If you haven't, go ahead and search it on Google Images. We'll wait.

Welcome back! Pretty neat, huh? The term "dry pipe" is a fairly large umbrella term meaning any pipe that does not use water filtration (bongs, bubblers, etc.) Dry pipes are usually more convenient, and many often utilize longer stems or intricate air pathway designs to compensate for the lack of filtration. 

Because dry hand pipes are fairly simple engineering (herb goes in bowl, smoke goes in mouth), this invites a lot of opportunity for experimentation with their design. Think about all the times you've made a pipe out of an apple (or a carrot, or a soda can, you get the idea). You can put a pipe in almost anything.

...and we have! Coffee mugs, cereal bowls, car key fabs, and many more wacky objects with built-in pipes can be found in this collection. Some are made for stealth, some are made for convenience, and some are just cool as fuck! Open your mind, and we're sure you'll find something to enjoy. 


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