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Krave Glass Two Stage Honeycomb Recycler - Review

Posted by Sean Geng on

Today I'm looking at the Krave Glass Two Stage Honeycomb Recycler.

Priced at $179 from  SmokeCartel, you definitely get a bang for your buck. Plus it's shipped with a quartz nail and dome,  sending all the essentials to consume concentrates directly to your doorstep.

The recycler is complete with slyme color accents at the base and lip, adding style to an already  intriguing piece. The dome also has a slyme colored handle, preventing users from burning their fingers  when attempting to remove it. The handle also enables users to easily remove the dome when the joint  is sticky, a feature I'm especially fond of. The Krave Gold Label is proudly presented on the bent neck,  with a sleek golden crown emblem just below the lip.  

The nicest part of the Krave Glass Two Stage Honeycomb Recycler is without a doubt the  honeycomb percolator. Honeycombs are awesome little percolators, shooting the smoke up between  several needle-thick holes for maximum diffusion. But the function of the piece isn't just limited to the  honeycomb. As this is a recycler, the water and smoke are pulled into the side-loading top chamber,  creating a vortex that looks bad-ass while cooling down the smoke. When finished pulling, the vortex  drains out via the the vertical tubing, replenishing the honeycomb's chamber.  

Unfortunately though, the recycling function of this Krave piece needs to be better dialed in. I  occasionally found the drain-pipe of the top chamber unable to keep up with the speed the water was  pulled in – resulting in a water-filled mouth. While this doesn't happen on every hit, it's still annoying,  and thus detracts from the quality of the piece. When the recycling function does work though, the hits  are smooth and full flavored. I love that I can see the top chamber drain as I'm pulling.  

My other complaint is glass quality, as I feel both the thickness and welds could be improved.  The glass feels frighteningly thin, and I'm doubtful it would survive just being tipped over onto a table.  You can see small bubbles and lines in the welds of the piece (it's the worst between the top chamber  and neck on my model) indicating shoddy technique in the actual construction of the piece.  

Although the glass and welds could be better done, I believe this piece to be a bargain. For  under $200 you get a scientific glass recycler, with slyme accents, and a honeycomb percolator. The  piece looks great, and it's definitely fun to use. I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a recycler at  a lower price. Check out SmokeCartel to find the Krave Glass Two Stage Honeycomb Recycler and an  awesome selection of other glass.

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