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Best 10 Bongs of 2021

By Sean Geng in 2021

You deserve the best! 

We love lists as much as you do. That's why Smoke Cartel has compiled a Top 10 Guide to the best glass bongs and water pipes of the year, each vetted by our team of glass enthusiasts. 

No need to traipse around the internet looking for the highest quality bong, thickest glass and most original designs—we've got the cream of the crop right here!

So how did we decide on the best bongs?  When shopping for a glass bong, most of our customers are considering:

  • Perc: How is the bong diffusing smoke? What type of perc does it have?
  • Style: Bongs come in several styles, from a beaker bong, straight tube, and color, and various themes.
  • Brand: Glass comes from a variety of artists and brands, find one that fits your style.
  • Bowl size: Does the bowl depth and shape appeal to your consumption habits?

From sleek and simple to dual-chamber recyclers with multiple percs, there's a high-quality piece with your name on it. (No, really, we can put your name on it: Check out our custom engraving and sandblasting services!)

2021 Top 10 Bongs

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Back to Basics Showerhead Perc Water Bong - Bongs


On Sale! Save 36%

"Back to Basics" Showerhead Perc Water Bong


Cheech & Chong Pedro Mini Beaker Bong - Bongs


On Sale! Save 33%

Cheech & Chong "Pedro" Mini Beaker Bong


LA Pipes Simply Guy Basic Beaker Water Pipe - Bongs


On Sale! Save 44%

LA Pipes "Simply Guy" Basic Beaker Water Pipe


Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe - Bongs


On Sale! Save 50%

Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe


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