By Smoke Cartel Crew on Jun 19, 2014

Dab Rigs or Flower Pieces. Which is the right choice for you? 

There are many different methods to smoke, which can make it a bit overwhelming to determine which is going to best suit your needs. Vaping is quite a far cry from smoking straight dry herb, and both come with different sets of requirements.

For starters, vapor rigs work on a water vapor system, so the smoke is more concentrated and pools together in a smaller chamber. The smoke is more concentrated, and since there is less combustion, there is not a need for an intense filtration system. Vapor rigs tend to have more detail on the visual aesthetics of the piece, and come in many elaborate decorative styles.

With flower pieces, there is a combustion element involved, so filtration is super important to filter out any of the excess ash. Flower pieces are generally larger, because they require more space for the smoke to filter though and process.

So, it's your choice. Check out Smoke Cartel's collection of Vapor Dab Rigs and Dry Herb Water Pipes, and find out which method is best for you!

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