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By Smoke Cartel Crew on Aug 18, 2015

Maverick Glass is a great glass company that has been steadily gaining popularity since its inception in early 2000. The company started in Los Angeles, California by two brothers who have done some amazing things with the company and today Maverick Glass is still operating and manufacturing in LA. These guys work really hard and have an exceptional team of people on their bench that has put this company high on the totem pole in the scientific glass game. From hitting the trade shows avidly to having some of the best customer service out there, this company really has things down. “Mav” Glass consistently puts out exceptionally sleek designs that function seamlessly and all this is done at an affordable price!

We were fortunate enough to get hooked up with “Mav” at a trade show a couple years ago and the relationship we have established with this company is nothing short of amazing. This company truly works hard and they hit the trade shows with force! Mav goes above and beyond to make sure that their customers are always extremely happy. Their ability to fulfil orders and make phenomenal glass amazes us time and time again. Production pieces are coming off the line identical and the level of craftsmanship does not stop there.

The designs Mav Glass has came up with are astonishing and what they are continuing to release is not any less impressive, they continue to blow our minds with their innovative designs. Mav Glass uses quality borosilicate glass to make their products and their blowers work in the same facility as the rest of their operations which allows Mav to fine tune any issues very quickly. This also gives their design team plenty of interaction with the makers, so they can work together to make things come to light rapidly and effectively.

Mav has also been collaborating with a few other glass companies to make some really intricate pieces that are very impressive. The collabs that Mav tends to do are composed of Mavericks functional design and then typically the visual/graphic design done by the artist they work with. They have done collaborations with artists such as Corey Divine, who does amazing sacred geometry designs all over one of their pieces. The amazing functionality of these collabs is what draws me into them and the fact they are typically a limited offer you do not see a lot of.

Upon reviewing all of what Maverick Glass has to offer, you will see a bunch of diversity that is sure to please your eye. You will find that Mav makes pieces of all shapes, sizes, and design. Whether you need a piece for travel or home, and regardless of whether you are using concentrates or dry herbs, Maverick Glass has a piece for your needs.

They make exceptional hand pipes, water pipes, ashcatchers, and accessories for smoking devices. Maverick glass designs pieces for drys and concentrates, but most of their pieces come with a 90 degree joint angle so they are perfect for either dry herbs or concentrates, and a good bit of their pieces come with a bent neck. I truly enjoy bent necks because they keep me from tilting the pipe back, and by not tilting the piece back I am able to keep the water on a level plain. Bent necks are also great to keep your face away from the piece, which is a huge plus when using concentrates because you will not feel heat from the nail.

Maverick glass also offers a great line of straight tubes that are sure to knock your head off and leave you wondering what just happened! All of their glass is extremely thick and the joints are all reinforced with a support bar, plus all of their bases are super fat and thick! You will have to really try to knock these bad boys over.

The percolators that Mav works with are nothing short of astonishing. You will see flawless cuts on these percs that are all very symmetrical, and the function is through the roof! You tend to see some badass circ, inline, honeycomb, and turbine percs that are very well done.

The icing on the cake for Maverick Glass is the fact that they have managed to make some recyclers that function perfectly. Too often these days do I see pieces that are meant to recycler that do not function properly at all, well Mav has a Klein recycler that is an absolute beauty. This piece is simply beautiful and it was designed to function properly, you better believe this is a champ!

So check out Mav Glass, you will be sure to find some sweet pieces at prices that are well below what you typically see, these guys are amazing and they would love your support! Maverick is a company that truly listens to their customers and will take the time to listen to any pointers that someone has to offer.

This group works really hard, so don't be surprised to see many more amazing pieces come out their door!

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