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How do Dry Herb or Concentrate Vaporizers Work?

Interested in a vaporizer, but not sure how they work?  No worries, they are rather complicated devices for someone unfamiliar with the concept.  Vaporizers heat substances to a specific temperature, but doesn't combust them.  When smoking tobacco and dry herbs in a glass pipe, the lighter ignites them and combusts.  You get smoke along with whatever chemicals are in that substance.

With vaporizers, there is no smoke, no fumes, no hot gas to burn your throat, no carbon monoxide, no ammonia and other harmful junk that are products of incomplete combustion. The vapor you exhale is a fog like vapor.  Vaporizers make it is very easy to inhale, and many say it is better for your health.

A basic vaporizer is comprised of a few components

Typically, a vaporizer will contain a heating chamber (metal or ceramic), a battery or energy source (electric or butane), and a fine screen or filter.  The heating element (usually a coil) heats up to a specific temperature as to vaporize chemicals in the substance, but do not combust the substance.  As a result, you inhale the vapor and get a clean hit with exactly the chemicals you want, but not any of the tar and other substances that turn into smoke when ignited.

Here's a video of us taking apart one of our vaporizers and explaining all of the parts and functions.




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Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, varying in quality and functionality. ¬†It should be noted, that because vaporization occurs at roughly half the temperature of combustion, you get a much smoother, tastier experience, without any of the ‚Äúburn‚ÄĚ you get from inhaling hot smoke.


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