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The EYCE: The cool way to smoke

Ice catchers have been functioning to cool smoke for at least a decade. But have you ever hit a water-pipe made entirely of ice? If the answer is no, you’ve got to check out the EYCE Mold and Accessory Kit. The EYCE’s brilliant design adapts that sought after icy-smoothness to the structure of a pipe, creating a unique and functional piece.

Because the EYCE is a silicone ice-mold, it takes a bit of time to make your pipe. This bad-boy has to freeze for 12 hours, so make sure to plan accordingly!

Step one: Wet the mouthpiece for lubrication and drop it into the bottom of the silicone mold. You’ll want to work it all the way down to the bottom of the cylinder.

Step two: Wet the Core Pin and insert it into the mold by turning it back and forth. Make sure the Core Pin is centered and inserted through both the silicone wall of the mold and center cavity.

Step three: Fill the mold with water and wedge the stand into the mold. Make sure the base is level!

Step four: Place the EYCE in the freezer standing up. Let sit until completely frozen, about twelve hours.

Step five: Wet both the grommet and downstem and slide downstem into the grommet.

Step six: After silicone mold is entirely frozen, remove it from fridge and rinse down outside of mold with warm water. This will loosen the frozen pipe inside and enable you to easily remove it! Let the mold sit for about twenty minutes.

Step seven: After about twenty minutes, remove the Core Pin from the mold. This should be relatively easy to remove. If it’s difficult to remove, let the mold sit out for a few more minutes. Once ready, hold the stand and twist and pull the silicone mold the remove the pipe.

Step eight: Fasten the grommet and downstem to the hole created by the Core Pin. Place pipe back into freezer for a few minutes to fuse the downstem to the ice.

Step nine: Blaze one from your cool new ice-pipe!


So, what are the benefits of the EYCE?


There is no worse feeling among smokers than decimating your beloved glass piece. The sound of shattering alone can bring silence to even the most social seshes. Dropping the EYCE would be no big deal though, as you’d only have to clean up some ice and water. This makes the EYCE a very attractive choice for clumsy smokers. Even if you’re a gentle grass-fan who takes great care of their glass, you can’t always account for how others will treat your belongings. This makes the EYCE the perfect party pipe, enabling you to have nothing but stress free seshes.


The ice body of the EYCE cools smoke to less than 30 degrees fahrenheit— colder than ice! This exponentially reduces the lung discomfort created by hot smoke, enabling smokers to take bigger hits. Plus, with the EYCE’s adapter kit, you can convert the 9mm joint to 14mm for use with a nail. If you’re looking for ultra-smooth dab sessions, the EYCE is a must have.


Because the EYCE is a pipe you construct to use, gross resin doesn’t bind to the body of the pipe like glass. If you’re using your EYCE pipe very heavily and it starts to get nasty, just make a new one! It’s that simple. No more elbow grease or iso-soaks. This makes the EYCE an ideal choice for those who like a clean smoke.


Lastly, feel free to get creative with your mold! Freeze fruit within the glass for an infused smoke session. Hell, you could even craft a pipe made of Kool-aid or iced tea— how cool would that be!?

Check out the EYCE here.  For $80.00 you get an unlimited supply of water pipes, what a steal!

If you’re interested in icy-smooth seshes, but prefer glass, check out our awesome collection of water pipes with ice catchers!

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