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It’s been known for a while that colder air condenses smoke. This was one of the reasons people like to stack their bongs and rigs with ice and why ice catchers were developed in the first place. It helps for a bigger, smoother hit.

But the Eyce Mold 2.0 water pipe system from Aqua Lab Technologies takes the whole condensing-smoke-with-cold-air thing to the Nth degree, giving you a water pipe whose very body is made of ice.

Perhaps it was invented in the frozen tundra by aboriginal Inuit smokers (Aqua Labs wouldn’t return my calls about that question), but this is an idea whose time has come with the advent of silicone smoking gear.

You see, the Eyce Mold 2.0 is made possible because of platinum-cured, food-grade silicone. The kit comes with 7 pieces including the silicone body mold and a silicone base with built-in finger grips. Other pieces include a mouthpiece, core pin (used to leave room for a slide or nail), airtight grommet, diffused downstem and a silicone plug.

NOTE: the kit does not have an herb slide or nail so you have to supply your own. Fortunately, it works with compatible 9mm or 10mm male slides and nails.

Of course, no kit is complete with a handy instruction manual, and the Eyce Mold 2.0 is no different. It has easy to follow instructions that will give you a super chill bong in about 12-to-18 hours. Don’t worry- it’s well worth the wait!

How to Build an Eyce Bong

The Eyce Mold 2.0 comes together in a few simple steps, starting with the silicone mold.

Step 1: Turn the silicone mold upside down. Pro Tip! Wet the mouthpiece and core pin.

Step 2: Place the upside-down mouthpiece inside the base around the center ring. Push to the the bottom of the base, squeezing the silicone until the mouthpiece is perfectly seated (you can use the core pin too if necessary).

Step 3: Insert the core pin into the base joint, making a snug fit. Make sure it goes through the second hole in the center chamber too. This creates space for the downstem once frozen.

Step 4: Insert plastic stand. Rock it gently in until you have a snug fit. The stand has a hole  that allows for filling the mold with water.

Step 5: Fill with water through the drain plug hole. Overfill to be sure the mold is full. Tap the Eyce Mold gently to get all the bubbles out.

Step 6: Insert silicone plug. Pour off any excess water in the base.

Step 7: Freeze for 12-18 hours. Note that the Eyece old should be spill resistant once capped, so you can freeze the mold on its side if no space to stand upright.

Step 8: Run warm to hot water over the silicone mold for 60 seconds. Let sit for 8 minutes.

Step 9: Insert the downstem into the silicone grommet. Getting both pieces wet first will allow for easier insertion.

Step 10: Pro Tip! Run warm to hot water over the silicone mold for another 60 seconds.

Step 11: Remove the core pin. Twist gently back and forth for easier removal.

Step 12: Remove ice from mold. Tug down on the mold body near the base to start. With slight twisting motions, ease the ice out of the silicone. This may take a minute. Be careful as not to break the base off the ice body.

Step 13: Join grommet and downstem to ice. Slide the ring over the ice body until the downstem slides into the bong and the silicone sleeve acts as a grommet seal. You can see the downstem reaching the chill center chamber when inserted correctly.

Step 14: Freeze again for 20 minutes. Pro Tip! Freeze upside down so any refreezing moisture runs down and freezes the mouthpiece on more tightly.

Ice Bong Melta?

People wonder weather the Eyce bong melts immediately when you smoke it. The truth is, you can keep refreezing this bong between smoke seshes and it can last indefinitely depending on how long its ket out. It doesn’t melt quickly and it refreezes well.

When the Eyce Mold has finally all melted away, you can reuse the mold and all other pieces and make another one. It’s the bong that keeps on giving (and chilling).

Not only will this water pipe always stay chill, but, According to Aqua Lab Technologies, it is scientifically proven to have the coldest design of any water pipe. It stays so cold that it won’t melt for hours and can be frozen and used again.

Taking Care of your Eyce Bong

The groovy things about silicone include its ability to be poured into any shape, having incredible temperature range (from the freezer to the oven), is virtually indestructible, and incredible color holding capacity.

Eyce bongs come in several color options and even Special Editions with celebrity endorsements like Cheech and Chong. All models are bright and vibrant with color that will never fade, even when put through a dishwasher. Spoiler alert! Oh, did I mention that silicone is dishwasher safe?

But you probably want to know how to make that ice bong last longer than the 12 hours it took to freeze. It’s pretty simple, keep it in the freezer when not being used. Pour out unused water. Always refreeze upside down if possible to keep the mouthpiece snug. Keep any heat on the nail or slide, not the ice.

Storing and Reusing an Eyce Bong

When not being used, keep all the parts together in a gallon sized zipping bag. You can also use the insulating Igloo bag made to transport the Eyce Mold 2.0 to your favorite location. It can also be used to hold parts when not in use.

If you care for your icy pipe in the right way, it will have hours of melt time before you can no longer use it. Don’t cry... you just have to make another one. That’s the beautiful thing about the Eyce Mold 2.0. It’s the kit that keeps on giving.

See what happens with colored water this time!

Stay Chill!

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