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By Smoke Cartel Crew on Mar 25, 2014

We're not talking about your empty bottles, bro. 

In the context of the smoking accessories world, recyclers are a style of water pipes that "recycle" the smoke in a second chamber and bring it in a loop that goes back through the original chamber, filtering your smoke again and again. This allows you to pull in even more! 

How does a recycler glass pipe work?

The smoke is sucked from the percolator through a portion of the piece, then dumped into a bigger section where the smoke in the bubbles pop. The released smoke continues through the mouthpiece as the water falls down back into the base "water holding section" of the piece.

This process means the smoke is brought through a loop and filtered again and again. Essentially, the smoke is pulled through both sections of the piece an infinite number of times.

What are the main points of the design of a recycler?

  • More contact of the vapor with water which draws the heat from the vapor.

  • Less air volume for the vapor to stay in, creating less time for it to go stale.

  • The bubbles are being popped closer to your mouth, which helps savor the taste of the product you are vaporizing.¬†

How does a recycler hit?

If you haven't tried a recycler, most people who own one will tell you they love it. Recycler fans says they provide:

  • Smoother hits

  • Cooler hits

  • More flavorful hits

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