By Smoke Cartel Crew on Sep 09, 2015

No need to fight, guys.

The topic of Heady vs. Scientific seems to be a constant debate these days, and everyone has their reasons why. What's  the difference between the two and can you get the best of both worlds in one piece?

Moreover, can we achieve stoner peace?! 

Well, don’t be surprised to hear that in the past few years we are seeing heady and scientific artists working together to contribute some of the most amazing functional glass art to date.

Heady glass is functional glass that rivals the most intricate sculpture art, influenced by almost anything from cartoon characters to human anatomy. Heady glass has always been highly revered in the functional glass scene and is highly sought-after by collectors. Every day a new artist creates a heady piece that quickly becomes a collector item or puts them on the map as one of the most talented artists in the glass water pipe biz. 

Heady glass artists are now recognized as legit artists and glass artists who never made a pipe or bong in their lives have begun to do so as collectors continue to support this art form. Heady glass is art in the pure sense in that it gives artists the chance to express their vision in colored glass and wild shapes while keeping the functional purpose of the pipe in mind—though many heady pieces in glass collections have never had their bowls sullied by a flame. 

Mostly heady pieces that have functional aspects taken directly from scientific glass, which like race cars and rocket ships, are engineered are engineered for performance. 

Scientific glass is constantly being revised and improved, every week there's a new perc design or bowl shape. Once a great idea has been produced, everyone else hops on that train some scientific glass blowers even collaborate. Seeing the percs of one artist incorporated into another's design is truly impressive and elevates the  dimension of scientific glass.

 All worlds collide below with gorgeous heady pieces that have the latest scientific percs! 

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