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DIY Filtration Tips

By Smoke Cartel Crew on Dec 20, 2016

Filtration ain’t easy, but it’s necessary. Whether you’re a smoker gearhead or still new to the world of pipes, there’s always more you can do to step up your game. Here’s some tips from us at Smoke Cartel.

Silver or Brass Metal Screen for Flower Bowls

Add a nut!

Sick of the dreaded “Scooby snacks” on your hand pipe and tired of ash falling down and clogging your water pipe? Smoke Cartel always recommends an ashcatcher for situations like these, but if your pipe can’t fit with an ashcatcher or you’re in a pinch, there’s a solution available right from your very own kitchen! Just grab a small nut like a peanut or an almond and stick it over the hole of your flower bowl. This will prevent ash from falling down into your pipe, and you’ll get an extra nutty kick to your hit.

If the peanut trick is a bit too much for you, you can also use the mesh screens that often come with vaporizers to place over the punch of your flower bowl. These work in a similar fashion, so you can save the nuts in your pantry for an extra kick of protein when you’re needing a snack afterwards.

Use a Thin Wet Cloth

Actually, this is the traditional way to smoke out of a chillum! Just take a thin cloth, similar to one you would use to clean your glasses or computer screen. Get it nice and wet, then wring it out. Place it over the mouthpiece of your pipe, and smoke through the cloth. This filters the smoke as it reaches your mouth similar to a cheesecloth. Since chillums are such small pieces, the combustion is so close to your mouth and there’s no filter whatsoever, so this technique is a key component if you want to smoke out of it as it was intended. However, this tip will also work on a spoon or small water pipe. Just make sure your cloth is thin enough to let smoke pass through!

UPC Straight Tube Bong with Ice Pinch

Chill Your Pipe

Did you know that a lot of the pipes available at Smoke Cartel have ice pinches? These ice pinches look like 2-4 spikes below the mouthpiece of a pipe. These pinches support your ice and keep it from falling down in your other chambers. If your pipe doesn’t have an ice pinch, you can always try adding a chilled cup of water or milk to your water chamber instead. Chilly hits offer the best filtration hands down, allowing you to get incredibly large hits without worrying about burning your throat.

Attachment glycerin coils are an easy and safe alternative if you’re sick of your ice melting and overflowing your pipe. Some pipes come with glycerin coils attached, others can be purchased separately and attached with keck clips.

Why Do I Need Filtration?

Filtering the smoke in your pipe is the key to getting great hits every time. As a frequent smoker, it can be easy for us to forget that scorching our throats and coughing up a storm aren’t requirements to smoking. In fact, Smoke Cartel is here to help turn your smoking experience into one of true enjoyment! If you’re new to smoking and looking to invest in a pipe with the right filtration for you, check out our assortment of water pipes. You can even narrow your search by percolators, the key design element of a water pipe that affects filtration the most. In the meantime, give these tips a try, stay safe, and remember to slow down and savor your next sesh. You deserve it!

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