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Bigger isn’t always better.

Prior to 2009, concentrates were niched to heavy hitters on the west coast and in British Columbia. Concentrates were then exclusive to those who had the knowledge and crop to perform extractions. Since entering the mainstream, Concentrates have had a profound effect on the glass industry. The demand for glass has continued to increase as more smokers become interested in dabbing. Concentrate rigs cater to the different needs of the dabber. As a result, rigs are intended to function different than regular water pipes.

Keeping Concentrates Concentrated

Concentrates contain terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for flavors and aromas in many plants. Because of the nature of concentrates and the temperatures at which they are consumed, terpenes are more pronounced in concentrates than flowers. In pursuit of the terpiest seshes, dabbers generally prefer pieces with tight water chambers and straight forward percs. Elaborate percs can dilute vapor and prevent dabbers from getting the full flavors of their concentrates. The same logic is applied to the water chambers of dab rigs— the more water your vapor has to work through, the more diluted the flavor.

Drag-Free Smoke

Concentrate rigs also tend to be much smaller in size than flower tubes. Before dabbing blew up, large beakers or tubes with several tree arm percs were the norm. Tubes that beastly take a lot of lung power to clear. If you dab on a tube that size, it could take more than one breath to clear and your vapor may get stale within the piece. Stale vapor is not terpy vapor, and dabbers will do anything for the terps!

Concentrates call for a drag-free smoke, and require condensed chambers to easily send the vapor directly to your lungs. That’s not to say that larger designs haven’t found their place in the concentrate-game. Take the classic faberge egg design, for example. Fab eggs aren’t small in stature, but they possess a tight water chamber to bounce water and vapor against the walls of the piece and into your lungs!

While personal preference will always trump trends, many dabbers use nano rigs as a daily driver.

Nano rigs have become a staple in the glass industry. The small design streamlines the vapor into your lungs. Nano rigs have quickly become an essential tool in any dabber’s arsenal, and most reputable glass companies have developed several different nano models. Some nano rigs are even shorter than three inches for terp-heavy seshes.


Flavor not Diffusion

The key with dab rigs is that the user is ultimately looking to cool down the vapor, not filter and diffuse it.  Because most the diffusion and filtering happens in the extraction process and quality of your concentrates ultimately matters the most - the dab rig's function serves primarily to cool the hot vapor by passing it through air and water.  Many concentrate users look for a dab rig with minimal diffusion, since it means less drag and a smoother dabbing experience.

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