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Three Monkey Designs - Iridescent Egg Bubbler Bong

Three Monkey Designs keeps your smoke cool to keep you cool.

Based out of Corona, California, Three Monkey Designs specializes in creating functional water pipes topped with elaborate glycerin coils. Glycerin coils function to cool your smoke to silky smooth temperatures, reducing chest discomfort and allowing smokers to take bigger hits. Three Monkey Designs is a small, tight knit company and that produces all of their products in house. If you’re on the market for a sweet new functional pipe with a glycerin tube and don’t want to shell out Illadelph-dollar, check out Three Monkey Designs. You won’t be disappointed.

Smoke Cartel spoke with Chris from Three Monkey Designs and asked a few questions about the industry and product design.

SC: How did Three Monkey Designs form?

CHRIS: It began with three guys hanging out during a sesh. We were tired of seeing people using ice in their water pipes to cool down the smoke. So we decided to develop a product that not only functions perfectly, but also stands out from the rest of your glass collection. The most important aspect for us besides the function and aesthetic was for our glass to be affordable by our customers.

SC: What is the process behind conceiving new designs?

CHRIS: We create a concept on paper which is then developed by our glass blowers. Glycerin is filled and sealed via heat. We then let the coil sit for 72 hours to determine if the glycerin is leaking, freeze it for 72 to hours to verify its cooling capacity, and then we test the concept for functionality. Our employees love testing day.

SC: What inspired you to work with glycerin coils?

CHRIS: Watching too many people coughing from dabbing or smoking. These coils retain the cold temperature for your entire sesh and come apart for easy cleaning, transportation, and storage in freezer.

Three Monkey Designs - Ostrich Egg Bong

SC: How do you balance scientific function and aesthetic?

CHRIS: Function, price, and aesthetic are all required for a successful product. If one of these elements is lacking then our product doesn't pass. We also have a number of customer on our VIP list that review our products in development. This assists us in getting different points of view.

SC: What are the challenges of owning a grassroots glass company?

CHRIS: The ups and downs of the glass business. We have a staff of 30 people which starts with our front office all the way to our packaging specialists. Our vision must be followed by each of our employees, perfection is key. Our customers spend hard earned money on our product, which they could be spending elsewhere. This is why we produce GREAT GLASS for affordable prices, right here in Corona, California.

SC: What are the trickiest and most rewarding parts of being a glassblower?

CHRIS: The most rewarding part is when we receive emails from our customers telling us how happy they are with our glass, and how it has changed their smoking experience. It’s never tricky when you love what you do.

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