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RAW is a brand of natural rolling papers perfect for smokers who love to roll. RAW papers are made only from organic hemp. Their natural ingredients allow RAW papers to burn comparably slower and cleaner than papers made from other materials. RAW retails its papers in a variety of sizes, and even offer a convenient cone style for smokers just learning how to roll. RAW papers feature a natural, light, and pure taste, allowing you to get the most out of the natural flavors of your stash. Smoke Cartel is happy to support RAW papers in their quest for a healthier and environmentally friendlier way to roll.

RAW 1 and 1/4 Inch Rolling Papers

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RAW King Size Slims Rolling Papers

From $ 1.99

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RAW Rolling Tips

From $ 1.75


RAW Rolls Uncut 3 Meters of Rolling Paper

From $ 3.00

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RAW Parchment Paper

From $ 2.99

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RAW Hemp Wick

From $ 2.00

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RAW Shredder Card

$ 8.00

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RAW Wiz Khalifa Cones

From $ 4.50

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RAW Unrefined King Size Natural Prerolled Cones

From $ 2.00

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