Canniloq - Smoke Cartel


Canniloq is the leading manufacturer of premium-quality, durable, air-tight, child-resistant containers. The Boulder, Colorado company is recognized for introducing the first precision-engineered, ruggedized, child-resistant storage products to the market.

Canniloq’s mission is to produce the highest-quality, child-resistant containers on the planet, and the company has sold thousands of its high-end, reusable containers worldwide, building a brand presence and reputation in the industry as the standard for secure, zero-smell flower storage.

In response to the increasing scope of plastic pollution, governments in more than 60 countries have introduced levies and bans to combat single-use plastic waste, with bans on plastic bags, plates, cups and straws gaining daily worldwide traction.

This growing ban on single-use plastic products is a welcome and necessary step towards healing the planet, and is creating new opportunities to fill the growing need for replacement products.

In 2019, Canniloq was first to market a reusable, sterilizable, dishwasher-safe, child-resistant container. The low-cost, refillable TXD container is constructed of a durable reinforced polymer and designed to withstand thousands cycles of refurbishment and reuse.

In order to reduce single-use, plastic waste, Canniloq is collaborating with dispensaries to champion the practice of reusing of environmentally friendly, exit containers.



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