The Best Digital Scales in 2024

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Precision is key when it comes to digital scales, especially in the cannabis industry. Recent advancements in scale technology have enhanced accuracy and introduced features like Bluetooth connectivity and smart scale integration.

This guide will explore what to look for in a digital scale, review the best digital scales of 2023 tailored for cannabis use, and provide insights on how to calibrate these essential tools.

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the latest digital scale technology so you can make an informed decision for precise and reliable measurements.

What to Look For in a Digital Scale

Precision / Accuracy

The cornerstone of a good digital scale, especially for cannabis, is its precision. Look for scales that offer accurate readings, ideally with sensitivity to the smallest measurements, so you get the most precise weight readings for your next sesh.

Size and Portability

Portability is crucial for those on the move. Compact scales that easily fit in your pocket or bag without compromising functionality are excellent. Consider the overall size and ease of transport when choosing your scale.

Battery Life

Long battery life is a must for reliability. Scales with rechargeable batteries or those that operate efficiently on AAA batteries are preferable. This ensures your scale is ready when you're ready to smoke without constant battery replacements.

Extra Features

Modern digital scales come equipped with various additional features. Bluetooth connectivity and Wifi connectivity allow for seamless integration and compatibility with other devices, enhancing the user experience. Look for scales that offer multiple measurement units for versatility. Some scales even come with extra accessories like calibration weights and protective cases.

The Best Digital Scales of 2023

Best Affordable Scale: Famous Brandz Digital Scale

For budget-conscious buyers, the Famous Brandz Digital Scale offers precision without the hefty price tag. This scale, perfect for cannabis, herbs, and other small items, features a clear backlit LCD display. Its 100g capacity and 0.01g accuracy ensure precise measurements for casual and meticulous users, making it the best budget scale.

Best Compact Scale: AWS Blade Style Digital Scale with Tray

The AWS Blade Style Digital Scale is a marvel of compactness, perfect for on-the-go weighing. Its innovative flip-out design, with a small LED display and buttons, maximizes portability. With a 100g weight capacity and hundredth-of-a-gram accuracy, it's ideal for herbs and medications. The protective lid doubles as a tray, ensuring mess-free use. The Blade is the epitome of convenience and precision in a pocket-sized package.

Best High-End Scale: Truweigh Black Lux Digital Mini Scale

The Truweigh Black Lux Digital Mini Scale is a top-tier choice if you want a blend of style, precision, and class. Renowned for its accuracy, it measures up to 100 grams in 0.005-gram increments. Its unique trapezoid shape, sleek weighing surface, and clear backlit display enhance the scale's high-end appeal. Plus, a 3-year warranty ensures long-lasting reliability.

Best Durable Scale: MyWeigh Triton T3R Digital Scale

The MyWeigh Triton T3R stands out for its rugged durability. Its hard protective cover doubles as an extra weighing tray, complementing the stainless steel tray with raised edges. Compact and rechargeable, it offers 40 hours of continuous use. Ideal for on-the-go, its bright backlit display ensures easy readability in any setting, making it a reliable companion for precise measurements.

Best Scale for Concentrates: Pro Scale Slick Concentrate Kit & Scale

The Pro Scale Slick is a game-changer for dab enthusiasts, offering precision with 0.1 g accuracy up to 100 g. Its backlit display, variable weight units, and stainless steel surface enhance usability, making it a top pick. The kit includes a silicone mat, containers, and a dab tool encased in a sturdy, portable case. This makes it ideal for concentrate measurements and storage.

Best Pocket Scale: DigiWeigh Chrome Digital Pocket Scale

Compact and sleek, measuring 2.5” x 4.5”, the DigiWeigh Chrome Digital Pocket Scale is perfect for on-the-go measurements. It offers precision up to 0.01g with a 100g capacity, and its chrome finish and backlit LCD enhance its usability and style. This pocket-friendly scale, complete with a cover/tray, calibration weight, and batteries, is ideal for diverse weighing needs in g, oz, gn, and ct.

Best Scale for Accuracy: Truweigh Xeno Digital Milligram Scale

The Truweigh Xeno Digital Milligram Scale is for you if you value precision. Its ability to measure up to 20 grams with a 1-milligram resolution ensures unparalleled accuracy. The back-lit LCD and tare/zero feature enhance its user-friendly design, while the auto-off function conserves power. Complete with calibration weights, this scale is ideal for precise measurements in any setting.

Best Circular Scale: Truweigh Vortex Digital Bowl Scale

The Truweigh Vortex stands out as the best circular scale, offering a unique blend of functionality and convenience. Its compact, circular design is perfect for easy storage, and the dishwasher-safe weighing bowl doubles as a protective cover. Enhanced with overload protection, multiple weighing units, and auto-shutoff, the Vortex is a durable and versatile choice for everything from herbs to baking ingredients.

Best Scale for Heavier Weight: Truweigh Tuff-Weigh Mini Scale

The Truweigh Tuff-Weigh Mini Scale stands out for its durability and heavy-weight handling capacity. With a robust plastic casing, it measures up to 1000g in 0.1g increments, making it ideal for weighing food, herbs, and medication. Compact at 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches, its cover doubles as a tray, and the backlit display ensures clear readability in all conditions.

Best Unique Scale: Infyniti Notorious B.I.G. CD Scale

The Infiniti Notorious B.I.G. CD Scale is a masterstroke of disguise and precision. It looks like a CD case, serving as a tribute to the iconic rapper we've all listened to while lighting up, blending nostalgia with functionality. It's perfect for those who value discretion and style; it's a standout piece in the Infyniti Platinum Series, offering both reliability and a cool factor that's hard to beat.

How to Calibrate A Digital Scale

Calibrating your digital scale is crucial for ensuring accurate readings, especially when measuring cannabis. While each digital scale is different, here's a step-by-step guide that should work for most:

  1. Prepare Calibration Weight: Get the right calibration weight for your scale. Smoke Cartel offers 50g, 100g, and 200g weights suitable for different scales.
  2. Find a Stable Surface: Place your scale on a flat, level surface and allow it to adjust to room temperature for consistent results.
  3. Initiate Calibration: Turn on the scale, wait until it stabilizes, then press the CAL key. The scale’s display should indicate ‘CAL’.
  4. Zero Calibration: Empty the platform and press CAL again to confirm the zero point.
  5. Add Calibration Weight: Place your calibration weight in the middle of the platform when prompted with the required calibration weight on the display.
  6. Complete Calibration: Once the display shows “PASS,” the calibration is complete. The scale will return to normal weighing mode.

To maintain accuracy, calibrate your scale regularly using Smoke Cartel's calibration weights. Avoid any physical shocks or environmental changes that could affect its accuracy, and store the scale in a stable, temperature-controlled environment.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a digital scale for cannabis, precision, advanced features, and ease of use should be taken into account. For a wide range of high-quality digital scales that check all boxes, check out Smoke Cartel's online store. You'll find the perfect fit for your specific needs and ensure accuracy in every measurement.

Weed Scale FAQs

What is the most accurate weed scale?

The most accurate weed scales are digital models that offer precision to the hundredth of a gram. Brands like Truweigh are renowned for their accuracy and reliability.

What scales are used to weigh weed?

Digital scales are commonly used for weighing weed. They are often compact, offer precise weight measurements, and feature units like grams and ounces.

Are digital scales more accurate than analog ones?

Yes, digital scales are generally more accurate than analog scales. They provide more precise readings, and a wi-fi scale can help ensure accuracy.

How often should I calibrate my scale?

Calibrating your scale every few months or after moving it to a new location ensures consistent accuracy. Regular calibration is critical, especially for scales used in measuring precise quantities of cannabis.

Are kitchen scales accurate for weed?

While kitchen scales can be used, they may not offer the precision needed for small quantities of weed. Digital scales designed for weed tend to be more accurate for such measurements. Whatever you do, don’t try using a digital bathroom scale.

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