The Best 420 Events in 2024

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With so many cannabis events, trade shows, conferences, and even legalization movements planned for the year, it looks like 2024 will go down as a memorable year in the cannabis industry.

Whether you’re a connoisseur, a grower, a newbie, or anything in between, there’s probably an event near you that you won’t want to miss.

Let’s take a look at the best events of the cannabis culture planned for 2024:

Key 420 Events in North America

Let’s take a look at the main events in the North American cannabis community:

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference (Florida, April 16-17)

This conference in Hollywood, Florida brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and top executives from the cannabis industry for two days of networking, presentations, and panel discussions on a variety of topics, including investment opportunities, legalization efforts, and emerging trends.

With daily networking events made easy by their official event networking app, this is a great cannabis conference to make connections.

Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight (California, Feb. 22)

This one-day event focuses specifically on the California cannabis market, which is the largest and most mature in the country. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest regulatory developments, business strategies, and investment opportunities in the Golden State.

The agenda includes panels on the state of the Californian market, brand building, and leadership.

Cannexpo (Toronto, March 22-24)

One of the largest cannabis expos in Canada, CannExpo comes back in 2024 gathering consumers, growers, and businesses alike.

Exhibitors will be showing smoking accessories and devices, cannabis products, psychedelics, and more.

NECANN’s Cannabis Conventions (Eight U.S. locations throughout 2024)

NECANN hosts some of the biggest and most well-attended cannabis conventions in the United States, with eight locations scheduled for 2024 including in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. These events bring together thousands of attendees, including patients, caregivers, advocates, and industry professionals looking to network.

Each convention features hundreds of exhibitors, as well as seminars and workshops led by experts in various aspects of the cannabis industry.

CannaCon (Multiple U.S. Locations, Various Dates)

CannaCon is another one of the biggest national cannabis festivals this year, hosting events in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (April 5 and 6), Albuquerque, New Mexico (May 17-18), Midwest St. Paul, Minnesota (August 16-17), Rochester, New York (June 20-21), and Cleveland, Ohio (October 3-4).

These conferences focus on education, innovation, and collaboration within the industry, bringing together professionals, investors, and enthusiasts alike on topics including cannabis cultivation techniques, retail operations, and legal advocacy.

The Official 420 Rally (Denver, Colorado, April)

Denver has long been known as a hub of cannabis culture, and the city's annual 420 rally is no exception. This free event takes place in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park and features live music, food vendors, and speeches from activists and politicians. The highlight of the day is the massive smokeout at 4:20 pm when participants gather in the shadow of the Colorado capitol to light up and celebrate the plant they love.

Virginia 420 Festival (Virginia, April 18-20)

The Virginia 420 Festival is coming back for the third time in Richmond, VA in mid-April. This three-day celebration features live music, comedy shows, art installations, and vendor booths selling everything from glass pipes to CBD-infused edibles. With programs that go from educational talks to camping activities, this is a varied event you won’t want to miss.

Prominent 420 Events in Europe and Asia

Here are some prominent European and Asian events worth checking out:

Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific 2024 (Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 29 — March 1)

This inaugural event aims to provide insights into the rapidly developing cannabis markets in the Asia-Pacific region. It will feature expert speakers discussing regulations, investment opportunities, and best practices for entering these markets, giving the attendees the chance to network with local and international businesses operating in the region.

CannaTrade (Zürich, Switzerland, May 24-26)

As one of the longest-running cannabis trade fairs in Europe, CannaTrade attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the continent. The fair covers both hemp and cannabis products, making it a great destination for those interested in exploring different applications of the plant. Visitors can attend talks and workshops covering topics ranging from legislation to product development.

Cannabis Business Europe (Frankfurt, Germany, June 4-5)

This business event focuses exclusively on the European cannabis market, providing valuable insights into its current state and future potential in the continent. Industry experts will discuss the challenges facing businesses in the region, as well as the opportunities available in areas such as medicinal marijuana and CBD. Attendees will also have access to a range of networking opportunities with other professionals in the field.

Cannabis Europa (London, UK, June 25-26)

As the leading European cannabis industry event, Cannabis Europa gathers over 1500 policymakers, researchers, and industry leaders in England to explore the political and commercial landscape of the sector. Panel discussions cover topics such as investment, regulation, and healthcare research. The event provides a platform for businesses looking to establish themselves in the competitive European market.

International Cannabis Business Conference (Berlin, Germany, April 16-17)

Another must-attend event for anyone interested in the German and broader European cannabis industries, ICBC Berlin offers a mix of informative talks and networking opportunities. Keynotes and panel discussions cover topics such as investing in cannabis companies, navigating regulations, and innovations in the industry.

Asia International Hemp Expo (Bangkok, Thailand, November 27-30, 2024)

This four-day expo focuses solely on hemp and its wide array of uses, from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Exhibitors come from all corners of the globe to showcase their innovative hemp products and technologies. Visitors can attend talks and workshops on topics such as sustainable farming practices, legislative updates, and market trends.

Other Global 420 Events

From Spain to Chile and beyond, these events offer a glimpse into the diverse cultures and approaches surrounding cannabis around the world:

Spannabis (Barcelona, Spain, March 15-17)

As one of the world's largest cannabis expos, Spannabis draws tens of thousands of attendees every year. Featuring a vast exhibition area, guest speakers, and workshops, this event celebrates Spain's progressive stance toward personal cannabis consumption. Visitors can enjoy displays of cutting-edge technology, innovative cultivation methods, and artistic creations inspired by the plant.

Expoweed Chile (November 17-19)

Although specific dates and venues have yet to be announced, Expoweed Chile remains a significant event for South American cannabis enthusiasts. Focusing on educating the public and promoting responsible use, this iteration will include appearances from rappers, DJs, and comedians for fun and relaxed vibes.

Expocannabis Uruguay and Brazil (Locations & Dates TBA)

Both Uruguay and Brazil host their own versions of Expocannabis, offering distinct perspectives on the burgeoning Latin American cannabis scene. While Uruguay was the first nation to fully legalize recreational and medical cannabis, neighboring Brazil still grapples with restrictive drug laws. Regardless, these events serve as important platforms for dialogue and exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of cannabis liberalization.

Expoweed Mexico (October, Dates & Location TBA)

Following successful previous installments, Expoweed Mexico returns to promote awareness and understanding of cannabis. Given Mexico's complex relationship with drugs and organized crime, this event plays a crucial role in shifting perceptions and fostering constructive conversations around legalization.


From Washington, DC to Bangkok, London to Vancouver, the world is certainly embracing the blossoming cannabis culture, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Join us in celebrating humanity's shared fascination with this extraordinary plant, and don’t forget to stock up on all your 420 gear (including new 2024 products) at Smoke Cartel!

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