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Fantasia Herbal Shisha is the type of shisha to get if you're interested in tobacco and nicotine free shisha. This traditional shisha comes in all your favorite flavors. It's made in the USA with molasses, glycerin, honey, and flavoring. To enhance your smoking enjoyment, Fantasia has generously added extra juice with each 50 gram pack. 

When you choose your favorite flavor from the multiple options, you'll receive a 10-count box of 50 gram packs. If you're new to hookah smoking and are unsure of what flavor to get, read through the flavor profiles below to better understand how each flavor tastes.   

Flavor Description
Adios Citrus Curacao Fruit - The world-famous college black-out... don't remember anything... no idea what happened - but had the time of our life drink! AMF's hold their reputation for being one of the most potent bar drinks around, it goes down smoothly but prepare for that morning after.
Double Apple Golden Double Apple - The original flavor of hookah that beats the heart of the Middle East. Fantasia tributes this traditional flavor and the name which has been around for decades by honoring you with this Special Edition flavor.
Blueberry Blueberry Mix - A yummy berriful delight. The sweet and tangy dark-blue berry blend with our premium tobacco is sure to please the senses.
Mojito Lime-Mint - Ay Mami! The Cuban Mojito is a traditional mix of white rum and lime ground with strong mint leaves. The Rico Suave of cocktails - his sexy samba moves are just as smooth as his flavor
Dragon's Breath Dragon Fruit - From rural Asia, the mysterious Dragon Fruit is believed to be taboo and many don't dare touch it, let alone eat it. Its prickly outside screams at you to stay away, while its pink sweet inside lures your taste buds into sacraficing yourself to enjoy its juice.
4 Play Melon Mix - It's not butterfly kisses and spooning my friend... it's 4 Play. It's what it takes to start the night off right... or go for round two. Women need it, guys love it, and without it you'll be left doing the one man shuffle all alone wondering what went wrong.
Ice Cool Mint - Don't be surprised if you feel icicles forming in your chest as you smoke me. Ice Mint is great alone or as a perfect boost to your favorite flavor. Enjoy it with some hot tea on a cool night and your closest friends - Life is good.
Magic Dragon Berry Mint Mix - Puff puff pass the Magic Dragon. This blue mystical creature has captured the minds of many as they ascend into the clouds smoking on the finest of the sticky-icky...icky. It's your turn.
Menage Melon Citrus Twist - Everyone's dreamed about it at least once...most will never get the chance. Kick back with two close friends and fire up a bowl of Menage to get the party started.
Mary Jane Guava Infusion - Your righ hand girl, never leaves your side, always down to ride. She'll make you super happy then put you fast asleep. Take a sweet hit and don't forget to pass.
Red Melon Sweet Watermelon - Remember the block parties, BBQ's, and 4th of July celebrations? The bursting flavor of red Melon will fill your mouth with memories of these festive occasions. It's sweet, juicy & you won't run into any seeds with this delicious watermelon flavor.
Peach Fuzzy Navel Sexy Peach - A summer fruit sensation with a mixture of fresh ripe peaches and orange juice. This This refreshing combo will soothe your soul leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
Purple Haze Royal Grape - Puff puff pass this mind warping blend of sweet grapes. Nothing will get you relaxed like some Purple Haze and make you feel "Ev-ry little thing gonna be all right." It'll make you laugh, maybe give you the munchies, but you'll always be satisfied after a few hits of Purp.
Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade Cocktail - A tribute to the fond memories of family cookouts, the hot sun, and flings that kept the summertime exciting. Pink Lemonade has made its way into the memories and stomachs of America and we bring it to you in this exciting flavor.
Rainbow Burst Fruity Citrus Mix - Memories of Saturday mornings watching your favorite cartoons with a big bowl of Rainbow colored fruity cereal come to mind when smoking this eclectic flavor. Sit back, relax, and let the flavors burst in your mouth...yup, that's what she said.
Surfer Pineapple Coconut - Get shacked in a pineapple juice and coconut rum flavored experience as exhilarating as carving your first gnarly wave. Work on your base tan and enjoy Surfer exclusively from Fantasia.

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50 Gram

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Made in the USA 🇺🇸

American Made Product

  • 10 Pack
  • Available in Multiple Flavors
  • Extra Juice in each pack
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Hookah Accessories
  • Multiple Flavors
  • Premium Herbal Shisha

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