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Vaporizer Accessories

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Here you’ll find our collection of accessories to keep your favorite vaporizer functioning just like new. Whether you’re looking for a sweet addon or a replacement coil, Smoke Cartel has you covered. If the flavor quality or vapor production of your vaporizer has decreased, replace the coil on your vape and you’ll experience terpy hits once again. We currently carry replacement coils for the following vaporizers: the KandyPens Donuts vape pen, the KandyPens Galaxy vape pen, the THISTHINGRIPS OG Four 2.0 Lava Quartz Coil vape pen, the THISTHINGRIPS R Series Roil Coil-less vape pen, and the THISTHINGRIPS R2 Ceramic Coil vape pen.

If you’re looking for an even smoother vaping experience, Smoke Cartel has a few functional precooling attachments crafted by the experts at Dr. Dabber. These precoolers function to cool your vapor by sending it through an elaborate percolation chamber, similar to a water pipe. Some precoolers feature straightforward and streamlined designs, but Smoke Cartel even carries an intricate recycler precooler to add crazy function to your vape seshes! If you own an Atmos pen and would like to convert the custom Atmos threading to a common 510 threading, we’ve got an adapted that will enable you to do so. 

These accessories are specifically designed for vapes and vaporizers.  Addons such as vaporizer accessories can add functionality or features to an existing vaporizer.

SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit

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Dr Dabber Straight Precooler Attachment

$ 75.00

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KandyPens Donut Replacement Coil

$ 22.00

3 Color Options

Randys Black Label Aqua Top Precooler Vape

$ 70.00

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R2 Series Cartridge Kit with Ceramic Single Coil Atomizer

$ 24.99

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