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Terp Tips are the ingenious and convenient new way to get the most enjoyment from your pre-roll smokes. A Terp Tip is a simple, recyclable multi-use mouthpiece with dual vents and a disc-shaped filter precisely dosed with terpenes.  

Using a Terp Tip is easy. Just put it on the end of your pre-roll or joint (with a filter), push and twist. When you take your draw, hot air from your flower or hemp pre-roll flows through the Terp Tip to create a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction alters the effects of your flower or hemp product while smoothing the smoke so it's less irritating on your throat. 

A Terp Tip can be used multiple times (2 to 3 times for best results) with a regular-sized pre-roll. Terp Tips are made with FDA-certified thermal silicone, FDA-certified thermal AS plastic, and food-grade certified filters. 

The terpenes in the Terp Tips are naturally-derived from non-GMO, hand-picked, and award-winning flower strains.

Recreationally, Terp Tips may potentially induce faster effects or a more intense “high”. 

Medically, Terp Tips may potentially increase the effectiveness of cannabinoids that may help with inflammation, pain, mood, sleep, anxiety, and much more. 

Whether you prefer Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains, Terp Tips has you covered! You can pick up a Terp Tips Sampler Box in your choice of strains including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. When you choose your preferred strain, you'll get 3 different flavors including the following: 

Indica Strains: Forbidden Fruit, Platinum Punch, Sherbet Octane 

Sativa Strains: Golden State Orange, Mimosa, Pineapple Wonder 

Hybrid Strains: Gellati, Banana Bread, Miracle Alien Cookies

In total, each Sampler Box contains 18 individual boxes of Terp Tips.  

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Food Grade Certified


Thermal Silicone & Plastic


  • Accessories
  • Amplify Your Flower Experience
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times
  • Each Sampler Box Contains 18 Individual Boxes of Terp Tips
  • Easy to Use
  • Fits in Pocket or Purse
  • Makes Pre-Rolls and Joints Smoother
  • Makes Smoking Less Harsh
  • Multiple Strain Profiles
  • Precisely Dosed with Terpenes
  • Recyclable
  • Rolling Tips
  • Terpenes Sourced From Non-GMO Handpicked Award Winning Flower Strains