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Featured View - Front 45° Green Slyme - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Green Slime
Side View - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Back View - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
With Lighter for Scale - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Close-up of Perc and Decal - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Alternate View of Perc - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Close-up of Neck Decal - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Front 45° View - Unobtanium - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Front 45° View - Pink - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Front 45° View - Clear - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker
Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker - Sesh Supply "Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker

"Phorbas" Spore Perc Beaker

By Sesh Supply

Home Sesh Supply Bong

4.67 out of 5 stars from 27 reviews.

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About this Sesh Supply Bong

Phorbas is here to fulfill your smoking prophecy.

Phorbas is the father of Scylla, and this is one grand-daddy of a water pipe. Crafted by Sesh Supply, the "Phorbas" sports a Spore Perc providing extraordinary filtration for massive hits! This bent neck piece is perfect for both dry herb or concentrate and comes with a flower slide. Complete with color on the lip and perc, this functional piece will serve as a great addition to any smoker's collection! 

This functional beaker is available in Illuminati, a sought-after glass color that glows under UV light. To learn about watch makes UV glass glow, check out this knowledge base article!


14.5mm Female


8 inches


8 inches Tall




  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Colored Glass
  • Includes Bowl
  • Multifunction
  • Designed in Savannah
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Scientific Glass
  • Product SKU:

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Features of this Glass Water Bong

Bent Neck

There are many advantages to a bent neck design.  Some people prefer it because of the aesthetics, but the bent neck serves an important function in some pieces.  Because of the angle, it prevents splash-back into your mouth.

Sesh Supply

Rated 4.66 out of 5 stars from 1474 reviews.

Sesh Supply is a vendor dedicated to bringing premium scientific glass to your next smoking session. Each Sesh Supply piece is intuitively designed right out of Savannah, Georgia. Each Sesh Supply piece is named from a similar creature or character from Greek mythology. Sesh Supply pieces also sport a variety of unique percs, and they are especially known for their spinning propeller perc. With high-quality materials and a passionate workforce, Sesh Supply is all about setting new standards for affordable glass pieces. Smoke Cartel is just one of the few authorized online stores for Sesh Supply pieces, and we're proud to be able to offer them to new and veteran smokers alike.

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