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Pulsar RIP Silicone Mini Bubbler

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About this Product

Product SKU: WP154

The pocket-sized RIP Silicone Mini Bubbler is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy your joints, blunts, cones, and spliffs. This 3.25-inch tall bubbler takes all the harshness out of enjoying your favorite flower by filtering and water-cooling the smoke. 

Made of incredibly durable silicone, the RIP Mini Bubbler won't break no matter how you treat it. You can toss it across the room, jam it into your backpack, or drop it on a cement floor and it will survive. 

This colorful little bubbler is discreet and easy to use. Just add some cold water to the bubbler, place your rollie in the funnel-shaped hold at the front, light it up, and take your hit from the curved mouthpiece while using the carb hole to control airflow. 

You can even use this versatile bubbler with many chillums, one-hitters, dab pens, or thick oil cartridges. The RIP Mini Bubbler is outfitted with a spill-resistant downstem, a removable bottom plug, and a suction cup base.

Make your dry herb smoking sessions way more fun and pleasurable. Order yours today. 

Note: The bubbler ships in varying colors, depending on availability. 

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    3.25 Inches




    • Available in Multiple Colors
    • Bubbler
    • Carb Hole on Side
    • Color may vary from photo
    • Curved Mouthpiece
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Final Review
    • Neon Colors
    • Perfect for Joints and Blunts
    • Removable Bottom Plug
    • Spill proof design
    • Suction Cup Base
    • Unique Design

    How It's Made
    Glass Spoon Pipes

    Despite their straightforward nature, making hand pipes requires a large amount of training and experience. Glass artists start with a tube about four inches long and decorate it with a variety of techniques such as fuming, linework, etc. Next the artist starts to create the shape of the pipe by stretching the neck and forming the mouthpiece. The artist then carefully blows into the end of the tube to expand the glass and shape the bowl. They then push the bowl and pop the carb before placing it in the kiln to finish!