Custom Glass Etching What is sandblasting?

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We can only do one color designs

What is a Custom Sand Blasted Design?

We offer personalizations on specific items we carry.  What does this mean?  You upload a black and white design of your choice, and we'll sandblast it on to your glass piece.  We start by cutting a negative of your design.  Then we prep the glass and run it through our in house sandblaster.  This etches the design into your glass and creates a frosty effect.

By customizing your water pipe, you're guaranteed to have a unique and personalized piece.

How do I personalize my water pipe with a SandBlasted Design?

1.  Choose a piece from our selection of customizable water pipes and add it to your cart

2.  Select the water pipe you want to apply the decal on

3.  Upload a one color design* for us to cut (simpler is better!)

4.  Tell us where you want the decal placed.  You can say things like Vertical on Neck, Horizontal on Base

6.  Review it then add it to your cart! 


Customer Examples

Here are some customer examples of sandblasted designs!


* We reserve the right to decline designs based on complexity and other criteria.
* Sandblasted etchings are non refundable