Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc Bong

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The interesting design of the Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc ice bong is captivating right from the start. Once you pack your herb into the 14.5mm male bowl, light up, and draw, your eyes are immediately drawn to the incredible bubbling action as the rising smoke puts on quite a show. 

This big 26" bong is designed to take your dry herb enjoyment to a whole new high. The bottom chamber is equipped with a round apple-shaped percolator. This perc cools and smooths the smoke as it moves into the upper chamber where it meets the first donut percolator. This perc swirls the smoke around and pushes it up into the showerhead percolator above it. The slits in the showerhead perc add more filtration and cooling.

To top it all off, a second donut perc swirls the smoke around once more for a mesmerizing show and a final cooling. All the filtration techniques deliver ultra-smooth and calm hits so you can enjoy the natural flavors of your herbal strains without coughing or choking on unfiltered smoke. 

For those times you want frosty hits, drop a few ice cubes into the premium glass tube that has ice notches built right in. Made of thick and durable premium glass, the tall and formidable Apple Double Donut Showerhead Perc bong is as cool in design as it is smooth in hits. 

The bong is adorned with gold Tsunami Glass logos on the straight tube, smoke chambers, and glass bowl. For a splash of color, there are color accents on the mouthpiece rim and an extra thick round base.  

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5 Stars
"Honestly the best one i got( and i have a lot). Im Not sure about the quality of the class, But it seems pretty thick"

- Tobias Verified Buyer

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26 Inches



Female Joint

Thick Glass


  • 26 Inches
  • Color Accents
  • Durable and Sturdy Base
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Four Onboard Percolators
  • Ice Catcher
  • Included Male Herb Slide w/ Handle
  • Reinforced Fixed Downstem
  • Tsunami Glass Logo
  • Water Pipe