VapeXhale Cloud EVO Tabletop Vaporizer

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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Tabletop Vaporizer


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An all-glass tabletop vaporizer.


The Cloud EVO is a very unique vaporizer from VapeXhale - its inner vapor paths are made entirely out of glass, and with the 18.8mm male joint at the top, it attaches to an additional glass hydrotube - or can even be attached to any 18.8mm female jointed piece you have at home!  Since glass is a non-reactive substance, commonly used in clinics and labs, you can be sure that you're getting the most unaltered and purest vapors straight from the core.  The Cloud EVO comes with both a flower bucket and a nail, so you can heat both your dry herbs and your concentrate.  The heating system in the Cloud EVO, named the "PerpetuHeat," uses conduction to heat the air within the glass.  The Cloud EVO is one of the most luxurious vaporizers on the market, and as a tabletop piece it's the perfect centerpiece for your next party or barbecue!

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  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Made for concentrates
  • Vaporizer
  • 8.5 inches
  • Flameless

About VapeXhale

VapeXhale is a manufacturer of tabletop vaporizers. By creating new innovations within the vaporizing industry, VapeXhale has made it their mission to design vaporizers to create a more holistic approach to smoking. Coming right out of Silicon Valley, California, VapeXhale is right in the center of cutting-edge technology and creative design. VapeXhale is representative of the evolution of the smoking industry, and takes many of their products to whole new and undiscovered territories. VapeXhale was also one of the first vaporizer companies to include glassware attachments to their vapes, which VapeXhale coined, "The Hydrotube." Smoke Cartel is always glad to see what's new from VapeXhale, and we know that they're products will make many veteran and newcomer vapers very happy.

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About Vaporizers

Vaporizers are one of the latest and greatest innovations in the smoking industry. Vaporizers precisely heat your oil, dry herb, or e-liquid to the ideal temperature for vaporization. The idea behind a vape is to heat your herbs or concentrates up just enough to enjoy the effects and flavors, but not enough to actually combust them. When combustion occurs, carcinogens and other toxins are released that are unhealthy to the smoker. Available in a variety of different styles with several different heating elements, vapes use state of the art technology to deliver a healthier smoking experience.

Vaporizer companies often make several different size vaporizers, giving vape fans portable or tabletop options. Typically, a handheld vaporizer will contain a heating chamber (metal or ceramic) and a battery or energy source (electric or butane). Handheld vapes are usually conduction, generating heat via a coil as it’s tricky to fit elaborate convection systems within the confines of the vape pen shape. Tabletop vaporizers are often powered with convection heating and function to circulate heat around your herbs or concentrates, like an oven. Smoke Cartel carries both convection and conduction vaporizers. If you’re looking for an excellent concentrate vape that you can easily slip into your pocket, check out Kandy Pens. If you’re interested in trying the best vaping experience money can buy, check out the Herbalizer.

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