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UPC “Simply Guy” Bubble Base with Ice Pinch Basic Water Pipe

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This awesome water pipe from UPC features a 45 degree angled downstem, and a 14mm joint. This piece also has an ice pinch to help cool down your smoke and a bowl base, which when filled with water, provides ideal stability due to the weight at the bottom of the piece.

Joint Size:



9 inches Tall

Glass Thickness:

4mm Thick


  • 14mm
  • Clear Glass
  • 4mm Thick

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UPC is a manufacturer of water pipes and dab rigs based out of Southern California. As a distribution company, UPC has seen some talented glassblowers pass through and has expanded its reach across the company. UPC pieces are dedicated to the classic and timeless design known to scientific glass, and their iconic logo gives each piece its own unique twist. UPC offers not just high-quality glass, but affordable prices as well. They only use the highest quality materials on all of their pieces, ensuring a pipe you can keep. Smoke Cartel is always glad to have UPC on our side, and their dedicated crew and business philosophy inspires us daily.

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