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  • Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued) - Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued)
  • Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued) - Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued)
  • Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued) - Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued)
  • Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued) - Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon (Discontinued)
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Torcher Glass "Creature Crawler" Spoon

$ 134.00

This creepy piece from Torcher Glass is very detailed! This spoon stands straight up to reveal a creepy creature when it's not being used. This glass is worked to have a blend of black, gray, and blue speckled finish. The detailed spikes on this piece work as a comfortable handgrip. The carb is located at the very end of the spoon. This piece will crawl into your creepy collection!


7 Inches

Handblown in:

Eugene OR


  • Colored Glass
  • findify-hide
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Thick Glass

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How It's Made
Glass Spoon Pipes

Despite their straightforward nature, making hand pipes requires a large amount of training and experience. Glass artists start with a tube about four inches long and decorate it with a variety of techniques such as fuming, linework, etc. Next the artist starts to create the shape of the pipe by stretching the neck and forming the mouthpiece. The artist then carefully blows into the end of the tube to expand the glass and shape the bowl. They then push the bowl and pop the carb before placing it in the kiln to finish!

Features of this Spoon

Thick Glass

We consider this piece to have thick glass, which helps with the durability of certain glass items.  Thick glass means your piece is less likely to break as a result of damage.  While many of our pieces have thick glass, we felt the need to point it out specifically here.

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Torcher Glass

PB Torcher is the artist behind torcher glass who designs and produces all of the pieces for TORCHer Glass in Eugene, Oregon. PB became involved with glass in August of 2000 in Eugene, Oregon working with a small glass company and couple other artists. He has been solo for about three years now in his own private studio still in Oregon. The company name is a play on words reflecting the style of glass PB creates and it is also a play on the tools in which PB works with to make his art. The style of TORCHer Glass is a very gory one, getting influences from horror movies and other dark subject matter. He makes some of the most amazing sculpture pieces that have tons of styles incorporated into one piece, a lot of his pieces are very anatomical, which is a very difficult style to master. Many of the pieces you will see made by PB TORCHer resemble dark creatures that you may find crawling on the bottom of the ocean or in some crazy movie!

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