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"The Roil" Coil-less Vape Pen Kit

4.31 out of 5 stars from 16 reviews.
$ 77.00

Taste your terps on-the-go.

The R Series Coil-less Vape Pen Kit is produced by the good people at This Thing Rips! out of delightful, sunny Florida. Vaporizers are a new addition to the smoking market and are widely embraced for their health benefits. Since vaporizers don't actually combust any material, they provide an easy on the lungs vaping experience.

This R Series Coil-less Vape Pen Kit delivers the smoothest vaping experience possible. The ceramic atomizer enables you to get a smooth and flavorful rip with every pull! This vape is easily disguised as a pen - simply screw the cover on and put it in your breast pocket! Just don't accidentally hand this over if someone's trying to borrow a writing utensil...

This vape delivers conduction style heating. Learn about the differences between convection and conduction vaporizers here!


  • A/C Adapter
  • Adapter
  • Dabber Tool
  • Discreet
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Made for Thin Oils
  • Made for Waxy Oils
  • Medical Grade
  • Medical Grade Non-Stick Silicone
  • 6.5 inches
  • Portable
  • Protective Storage Container

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SToK, also known as #THISTHINGRIPS, is a manufacturer of portable vaporizers. Their vaporizers are crafted in the classic and discreet pen-style, allowing you to casually slip one into your pocket without drawing too much attention. Founded in 2011, SToK has come to set something of a standard within the portable vape industry. Their two lines, the SToK R and the OG Four 2.0, all boast high-quality materials and technology. Their pens are intended for concentrate users, and use both titanium and quartz atomizers. SToK's vape pens are always a welcome sight here at Smoke Cartel, and are among some of our most popular vaporizer products.

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Reviews about this Vaporizer

Rated 4.31 out of 5.0 from 16 reviews.

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