SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit

SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit - SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil Cartridge Kit - Smoke Cartel | Online Headshop SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit - SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil Cartridge Kit - Smoke Cartel | Online Headshop
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SToK #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit

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Everything you need to get your "Roil" pen back on track.

The #THISTHINGRIPS Roil R-Series Roil Cartridge Kit comes to you from delightful Austin, Texas. The kit includes 2 Roil Low-Temp atomizers, 1 protective pen cap, and 1 Roil XL polycarbonate visual reaction chamber. If your Roil atomizers are gunked up and worn out, this replacement pack will allow your vape to create clean hits once again. These coil-less atomizers are a necessary component to terpy vape seshes!

In addition to pens, SToK also creates reliable torches.

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  • 510 Threading
  • Discreet
  • Made for Thin Oils
  • Made for Waxy Oils
  • Lightweight
  • Made for concentrates
  • Portable
  • Vaporizer
  • 4 inches
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Hand Held
  • Reusable

Handblown in the USA

Crafted by glassblowers in the USA.

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About SToK

SToK is rated 4.54 / 5 stars from 201 reviews.

SToK, also known as #THISTHINGRIPS, is a manufacturer of portable vaporizers. Their vaporizers are crafted in the classic and discreet pen-style, allowing you to casually slip one into your pocket without drawing too much attention. Founded in 2011, SToK has come to set something of a standard within the portable vape industry. Their two lines, the SToK R and the OG Four 2.0, all boast high-quality materials and technology. Their pens are intended for concentrate users, and use both titanium and quartz atomizers. SToK's vape pens are always a welcome sight here at Smoke Cartel, and are among some of our most popular vaporizer products.

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About Vaporizers

Vaporizers are one of the latest innovations in the smoking industry. Vaporizers precisely heat your oil, dry herb, or e-liquid to the ideal temperature for consumption. Available in a variety of different styles with several different heating elements, vapes use state of the art technology to deliver a healthier smoking experience. To understand the different heating systems available in a vape, check out our Conduction vs Convection article.

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