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Sesh Supply "Poseidon" Two Chamber Inverted Showerhead Perc to Honeycomb Perc Fat Can

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The roar of the boundless sea, hear Poseidon's call!

The "Poseidon" Two Chamber Inverted Showerhead Perc to Honeycomb Perc Fat Can from Sesh Supply is a heavy duty piece, with a storm of percolation! This water pipe is sleek in clear glass with a bold Sesh Supply logo on the neck and fat can! It stands strong at 17 inches, and has a reinforced 90 degree joint and sits on a thick base. The Poseidon has two chambers separated by a honey comb perc. The first features an inverted showerhead perc, and the second with two inverted showerheads! This perc combination provides a hearty chug with a smooth diffused hit, and a splash guard and ice catcher prevent any water reaching the mouthpiece! It ships standard with a 18.8mm male bowl for dry herbs. 

Joint Size:

18.8mm Female Joint


17 inches


  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Branded Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice Catcher
  • Male Bowl
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Scientific Glass
  • Showerhead
  • Splash Guard
  • Straight Neck
  • Thick Glass

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Features of this Glass Water Bong

Honeycomb Perc

This is a type of disk perc that looks like a honeycomb. More diffusion than a standard disk perc because of the number of small holes that let further divide the smoke that passes through them.  The more holes the better the diffusion, but if the holes are too small, drag increases.

Ice Catcher

These insets are awesome features that allow you to add ice cubes to your pipe.  The ice catcher holds the ice just above the water and the added ice cools down your smoke.  Lets for a smoother, more refreshing hit.

Showerhead Perc

A fairly simple perc shaped like a showerhead.  The vertical tube that flairs out at the bottom, with slits or holes for diffusion.

Splash Guard

A splash guard is always a nice feature to have.  True to their name, splash guards protect you from splashback from any water when you're pulling.  No splashback means no nasty water in your mouth.

Thick Glass

We consider this piece to have thick glass, which helps with the durability of certain glass items.  Thick glass means your piece is less likely to break as a result of damage.  While many of our pieces have thick glass, we felt the need to point it out specifically here.

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Sesh Supply

Sesh Supply is a vendor dedicated to bringing premium scientific glass to your next smoking sesh. Each Sesh Supply piece is intuitively designed right out of Savannah, Georgia. Each Sesh Supply piece is named from a similar creature or character from Greek mythology. Sesh Supply pieces also sport a variety of unique percs, and they are especially known for their spinning propeller perc. With high-quality materials and a passionate workforce, Sesh Supply is all about setting new standards for affordable glass pieces. Smoke Cartel is just one of the few authorized online stores for Sesh Supply pieces, and we're proud to be able to offer them to new and veteran smokers alike.

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