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Wouldn't it be great if you had a washing machine for your pipe? 

What a crazy idea. But it's too good to be true. Right?

Wrong. The Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit achieves that impossible dream using ultrasonic cleaning technology. Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes ultrasound (usually 20-40kHz) to agitate the fluid inside. Yep, THAT ultrasound.

Simply fill it with water, plop in your piece, add the detergent, run through a cycle, rinse, and enjoy.

The average cannabis pipe was found to contain almost 1.5x the amount of bacteria as a public toilet seat. If that's not enough, eliminating all that tar and gunk also eliminates the harmful carcinogens that go along with it. That's right-- dirty pipes will literally give you cancer. Well, maybe not. But it's healthier. 

Included is a detergent designed specifically to optimize the power of the cleaning kit, as well as a wire cleaning brush. Available in Onyx and White. 

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180mm x 70mm x 55mm

Tank Size


Ultrasonic Power

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Cleaning
  • Cleans Automatically
  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Eliminates Carcinogens
  • Fully Automatic
  • Includes Optimized Detergent
  • Includes Wire Brush
  • Takes the Work Out of Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Uses Ultrasound to Agitate Fluid