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Illadelph and JM Flow Collab Inline to Beachball Mega Straight Tube with Glycerin Coil

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The Illadelph and JM Flow Collab Inline to Beachball Mega Straight Tube with Glycerin Coil is a monster piece designed for massive rips. This incredible collaboration between two of the biggest names in scientific glass is soon to be the most respected water pipe in your house. Standing tall at 18.5 inches, this beast even includes a 2-piece grinder.

Featuring an inline perc and JM Flow's sought-after Beachball perc, this piece is sure to deliver huge rips at no expense to your lungs. Made popular by Illadelph, the Glycerin Coil can be easily removed and put in the freezer to further smoothen your smoke. If you're a fan of either JM Flow or Illadelph, this piece is the perfect addition to your collection!

Joint Size:

18.8mm Female Joint


18.5 inches

Limited Edition

This item is a produced on a limited scale. Once the series runs out, there are no more made! That's what makes this a limited edition item.


  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Beach Ball Perc
  • Branded Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Collaboration
  • Colored Glass
  • Comes with flower bowl
  • Comes With Grinder
  • Glycerin Coil
  • Inline Percolator
  • JM FLow
  • Limited Edition Production
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Male Bowl
  • Male Bowl
  • Bowl with built-in glass screen
  • Glass color may vary from photo
  • Ground Joint
  • Scientific Glass
  • Straight Neck
  • Straight Tube
  • Thick Glass
  • Uses a 18.8mm Male Bowl

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Features of this Glass Water Bong

Glycerin Coil

Glycerin coils are great for cooling smoke due to glycerin's ability to be cooled to low temperatures without freezing or expanding.  Pop your glycerin piece in the fridge or freezer for an exceptionally chilly hit!

Inline Perc

These percs allow for a simple under the water diffusion.  Commonly a glass stem that runs beneath the water with slits that allow for the smoke to diffusion by passing through the water.

Straight Tube

A straight tube is your quintessential water pipe.  Stacked so that smoke filters through in a linear space, the smoke rises up the straight tube and into your lungs.  Nothing beats the classics.

Thick Glass

We consider this piece to have thick glass, which helps with the durability of certain glass items.  Thick glass means your piece is less likely to break as a result of damage.  While many of our pieces have thick glass, we felt the need to point it out specifically here.

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Founded in 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Illadelph is a name widely recognized in the glass industry. Their scientific glass pipes and accessories are made by hand right in-house. High-end, high quality; when you buy an Illadelph pipe, you're paying for some of the sturdiest and highest functioning glass on the market. Illadelph is especially known for its unique accessories and percolators, including coil condensers, disc percs, and up-stem ash catchers. To ensure authenticity, each Illadelph package comes with quality decals, branded plastic keck clips, and a printed box. Smoke Cartel is one of the few authorized vendors of Illadelph Glass, and we're incredibly proud to have their outstanding work on our shelves for our customers.

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