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GRAV Clear Circuit Rig

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Leave it to GRAV to come up with a fresh innovative dab rig design. The 7-inch tall Large Clear Circuit Rig is one head-turning piece sure to get you noticed at parties and group seshes.

This rig is constructed of high-quality clear boro glass. It's designed to spin the water and soften your vapor so you can enjoy the smoothest hits ever! The angle of the intake hole causes the water and vapor to spin rapidly to form a powerful centrifugal force which cools and smooths the smoke you inhale from the mouthpiece that's bent at a 90-degree angle.

Splashback is never an issue with this dab rig because the sharp bend in the mouthpiece prevents it from happening. 

The Large Clear Circuit Rig comes with a 14.5mm female-jointed domeless nail made of heat-tolerant quartz. Just add about an half an inch of water to the rig then heat and load the bucket to start all the fun! 

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Male Joint




Joint Angle

Borosilicate Glass


  • Bent Neck with Rimmed Mouthpiece
  • Concentrate Pipe
  • Dab Rig
  • Durable and Easy to Clean
  • Geometric Pressed Pinch
  • Includes 14.5mm Female-Jointed Domeless Nail
  • Made for Concentrates
  • Water Filtration
  • Wide Beaker Base