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"Glorious Nectar" Petite Bottle-Shaped Bubbler

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About this Product


The "Glorious Nectar" Petite Bottle-Shaped Water Pipe is just what you need to take a quick smooth smoke, whether you're chillin' at home or out and about. This mini bong that's shaped like a bottle is made of durable high-quality glass. 

This palm-sized water pipe is equipped with a female joint and a fixed downstem that curves into the base of the clear glass chamber. It comes with a male herb slide with a handle for easy lifting and to prevent burned fingers. 

The simple and elegant Petite Bottle-Shaped Water Pipe comes in two sizes: 4-inches and 6-inches. You can also pick the color of the downstem from several nice choices. 

If concentrates are your thing, you can choose the 6-inch version with a 'seed of life' perc with a 14.5mm banger to turn it into a little dab rig. Pick the one you want and order yours today.

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    10mm Female


    6 Inches Tall


    • 45 Degree Joint
    • 6 Inches Tall
    • Available in Multiple Sizes
    • Colored Accents
    • Colored Downstem
    • Colored Glass
    • Fixed Diffused Downstem
    • Includes Bowl
    • Mini Rig
    • Narrow Mouthpiece
    • Water Pipe