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Intended for Dry Herbs

This vaporizer was designed to be used with Loose Leaf Dry Herbs.

Designed for dry herbs, designed for you. 

The Fez Vaporizer Pen is a sleek and functional way to vaporize dry herb for a discreet, delicious smoke. ​This vape pen preserves all the aromas, oils and flavors lost in traditional smoking methods and protects the lungs.

Lightweight Fez vapes come with a powerful 4,000 mVh lithium ion battery that's built to last at over 2,000 puffs per charge and can easily be plugged into any USB port. Heats up in 60 seconds!

Three temperature control settings range from 300 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit so you can truly dial in your vape experience to bring out the best of all strains. A cleaning kit is included in the Fez vape pen kit, so a smooth draw is always at your fingertips. Enjoy a dry herb vaporizer that really works!


  • 2.600mAh Battery
  • Comes in black or white
  • Power Saving Mode
  • 90g Weight
  • Constant Resistance: 0.8 ohm
  • Regular Voltage: 3.7V–4.2V
  • Regular Wattage: 5.0W–20W



  • Discreet
  • Handheld Vaporizer
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Auto Shutoff Feature
  • Indicator Light
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • Vaporizer
  • 7 inches
  • Carry it anywhere!
  • Discrete
  • Flameless
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Windproof
  • Portable
  • USB Charger

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