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Entropy Labs Electronic Titanium Nail - Enail

Entropy Labs Electronic Titanium Nail - Enail - Smoke Cartel | Online Headshop Entropy Labs Electronic Titanium Nail - Enail - Smoke Cartel | Online Headshop
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Entropy Labs Electronic Titanium Nail - Enail

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299.00 400.00


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Entropy Labs finally has an Electronic nail out, and man is it awesome. This E-Nail kit includes:

- Black Digital Display Vaporizer Unit

- 3ft Black Kevlar Braided 16mm Nichrome Heating Coil with XLR Plug

- 5ft Wall DC Power Cord

- Dome-less Grade 2 Titanium Nail for 14.5mm and 18.8mm Joints

- Grade 2 Titanium Shovel Tip Carb Cap for 14.5mm and 18.8mm

- Instructional Manual


This enail heats up to max temperature in just two to three minutes. The titanium nail included will fit a 14.5mm and 18.8mm male or female joint, according to the variant chosen. Grab one of these today and quit wasting money on butane and faulty torches!

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  • 14.5mm
  • 18.8mm
  • Digital
  • For 16mm Coil
  • Nichrome Coil
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Highest Quality Materials

Handblown in the USA

Crafted by glassblowers in the USA.

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About Entropy Labs

Entropy Labs is rated 4.38 / 5 stars from 32 reviews.

Entropy Labs is a manufacturer of all the latest in concentrate gear technology. Their brand is dedicated to making sure that concentrate users can easily enjoy the luxuries of electronic concentrate accessories. Their pen-style vaporizers feature a classic design and an intuitive build. Their enail is on par with some of the most powerful electronic nails on the market. At an affordable and unbeatable price, Entropy Labs is outfitting concentrate smokers everywhere with the latest and greatest. Each Entropy Labs product comes from right here in Savannah, Georgia. Smoke Cartel is a big supporter of Entropy Labs, concentrate gear, and American-made tech.

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Features of this Electronic Nail

This type of titanium is the industry standard for titanium concentrate products and a much harder alloy that Grade 1 Titanium.  Because of it's purity and ability to withstand heat, it's a popular choice for many titanium products.

Employee Review

will at Smoke Cartel
Reviewed by Will

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Staff Reviews

Entropy Labs Electronic Nail (E-Nail) - Review

Written by Will

When unboxing this e-nail I was a little hesitant at first, since it is basically a hot piece of metal connected to a box and I was unfamiliar with titanium e-nails.

But after reading the instructional manual, which I usually don’t do, I was able to figure everything out pretty easily.

I got the version with a female fitting for use with 14.5mm and 18.8mm male joints. The 14.5mm joint fits very snug over a male joint, but the 18.8mm not as much. It does fit on 18.8mm male joints but only about ¼ of an inch, if that much, fits over the glass. This made me nervous at first as I thought it may fall off but after a use or two the reclaim from your concentrates help hold it on, and I’ve never had it fall off.

The nail also was a little thin which concerned me as far as too much heat being transferred to my water pipe, but that actually wasn’t an issue at all. I use my infrared laser thermometer in most applications with concentrates to help monitor my heat source, and the heat sinks on this nail actually do a pretty decent job. I noticed that the heat sinks allow for the nail to cool over 150 degrees from the top heat sink to the bottom of the nail. So from my use at 20-30 minute sessions, I had no issues with heat being transferred to my glass.

One thing that bugs me a little is the PID temp control box has buttons that have no use, which is a little concerning. I’m sure that they do
have some use but I’m not sure what. However, this doesn’t affect the function, or the experience.

Overall, I really enjoy the Entropy Labs E-nail. I like the design of it, (it’s black and very simple) the fact that it remembers your previously set temperature, it’s at a great price point, and that it has a standard 16mm coil, so that way I can use multiple types of nails with
this unit. The downsides that I would have to point out are the random buttons that I mentioned, and how it stays on as long as it’s
plugged in.

I’d give it a 4.8 out of 5.

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