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First, there was the Big Bang. Then, there was light. Then, there was some other potpourri. Then, there were Sun Chips.

Then, there was the SOLO Cup. Disposable utensils. Disposable plates. A new way to consume. A new way to party. A new way to live. 

A new way to be free.

But despite the unfathomable awe of creation, the miracle of evolution blanketing eons of existence and unlocking the shackles of our primordial restraints-- a similar innovation never came for our herbal pleasures.

We still fumbled around with our mortar and pestles, performing our ancestral cumbersome and clumsy ritual, making a fool of ourselves and looking like primitive jackalopes just to get a whiff of the "funny grass."

Not anymore. 

The Dispoze-a-Bowl is the Solo Cup of kush. The Ziplock bag of Ganja. Put a handful at your sister's Bat Mitzvah table next to the orange soda and Whipped Cream Vodka. Have a Sharpie handy so Denise can be a little comedian and write "Brandon" on it, the hot Deli guy, instead of her real name, Denise. 

It's cheap a two dollar wh--... uh, pair of socks. It can be discarded after a single use-- or, depending on your preference, multiple. 

It's made of food grade ivory board with a stainless steel tobacco cup that can be nestled inside the bow with a small "carburetor" for managing air flow.

The apparatus comes packaged flat, is quick and easy to assemble, guarantees a fresh smoke with every toke, and is 100% recyclable

Plus, in these times of COVID-19, the Dispoze-a-Bowl guarantees a sanitary, clean toke every time. 

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  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% Sanitary
  • Can Be Discarded After Every Use
  • Can Be Discarded After Multiple Uses
  • Carburetor
  • Disposable
  • Dry Pipe
  • Food Grade
  • Fresh Smoke with Every Toke
  • Hand Pipes
  • Inexpensive
  • Ivory Board
  • Packaged Flat
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tobacco Cup