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"The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

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"The Daily Driver" Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe

Joint Size:

18.8mm Female Joint


8 inches Tall

This classic bubbler features a diagonal slitted perc or a stereo matrix perc, a inset female joint with a glass slide.  Plain and simple, but functions like a pro.  Built to last and be your favorite bubbler.

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  • Rocking a 18.8mm Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Has a Female Joint
  • 8 inches Tall
  • Comes with regular bowl as well
  • Scientific Glass
  • Showerhead
  • Unmarked Glass

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About Water Pipes

Commonly referred to as water bongs, glass water pipes are a standard way of smoking legal herbs and tobacco, as well as essential oils and concentrates. Water provides a means of filtration, most water pipes or tobacco bongs have a downstem that is diffused or percolators a.k.a. "percs", to help filter your smoke, and a bowl slide to pack your dry herbs/tobacco into or a dome and nail set up for concentrate use. Whether you are looking for a buoy base, straight tube, or beaker base water pipe this is the place to look!

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Features of this Water Pipe

There are many advantages to a bent neck design.  Some people prefer it because of the aesthetics, but the bent neck serves an important function in some pieces.  Because of the angle, it prevents splash-back into your mouth.

A fairly simple perc shaped like a showerhead.  The vertical tube that flairs out at the bottom, with slits or holes for diffusion.

For those that like the refined minimalist look, unmarked clean glass is for you.  This style means the glass is not branded or cluttered with decals, it's just clean glass, pure and simple.

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Reviews about this Water Pipe

Overall Rating

Rated 4.94 out of 5.0 from 32 reviews.

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Luke Verified Reviewer

Instant Favorite!

I was looking for a smaller, 'everyday' piece when I stumbled across this guy on sale. I decided to add some custom sandblasting, and was impressed to still have received my item within 5 days of purchase. Needless to say, I could not have been happier when I finally opened the box. The design I requested has been beautifully applied, and the piece itself is exactly what I was looking for (though I did throw on an 18mm to 14mm adapter and a smaller bowl as the included one is HUGE). I continue to be blown away by the quality and value provided by Smoke Cartel and will definitely be returning for ALL my glassware needs. Thank you SC, please keep it up!!

4 out of 5 Customers found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes / No
Luke Verified Reviewer
Smoke CartelSmoke CartelOnline Headshop

That's awesome! We're so glad that you're enjoying it!

Smoke CartelOnline Headshop
Thomas S. Verified Buyer

Daily Driver Stereo Matrix Perc

Ordered this piece and it functions very well but it is very small and should be only used for dabs due to is size.It's no where near a mobius stereo matrix but it's thick nice glass that functions great and I only paid 70 bucks so overall great piece would highly recommend if you dab but for flower you are going to want to find a 90 degree ash catcher because it takes little to no water to function and flower will make water filthy in 4 uses

-thank you smoke cartel, sincerely Thomas (:

1 out of 1 Customers found this review helpful.Was this review helpful? Yes / No
Thomas S. Verified Buyer
Smoke CartelSmoke CartelOnline Headshop

We're so glad that you're enjoying your new piece!! Smoke on!

Smoke CartelOnline Headshop

Good Piece

Awesome piece, a little overpriced but still quality glass. Stereo Matrix perc is sick. Bowl piece that comes with is also great quality, but a built in screen would've been nice to offset how dirty this thing gets. Would definitely recommend getting an ashcatcher for it because of this.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
Smoke CartelSmoke CartelOnline Headshop

If your pipe is getting a little dirty, check out our 420 Science Soap! It works like a charm!

Smoke CartelOnline Headshop
D. T. Verified Reviewer

Stereo Matrix

This thing is absolutely incredible! I saw the review about the piece not being as good for flower after I ordered, but I have to disagree. I've been using dry herb and it hits like a champ, so smooth. Honestly one of the best pieces I've ever had as far as bubblers go. Love this site and will definitely be ordering more stuff!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
D. T. Verified Reviewer
Smoke CartelSmoke CartelOnline Headshop

We're so glad you're enjoying your piece so much! Thank you for your review! Smoke on my friend!!

Smoke CartelOnline Headshop

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