Dank Banger Quartz Ruby Insert

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Sapphire and ruby inserts are the future of dabbing and the hype out there about ruby is the real deal. Sapphire and ruby both contain aluminum oxide and are nearly chemically identical. However, ruby contains 1%< chromium which is what makes it red. The chromium in ruby creates a color change effect when it's heated up wherein it changes from red to black. 

This Ruby Insert from Dank Banger is 19mm in diameter and 16mm in height. It fits 25mm bangers perfectly and offers an impeccable taste. Taste purists rave about ruby because it's the best tasting surface you could possibly use for vaporizing your concentrates.
When you dab with this ruby insert in your banger, the vapor produced will taste super clean. And since ruby retains heat better than quartz, you can achieve some of the best low temp dabs possible for a win-win situation. This ruby insert won't get chazzed or hazy like a quartz insert so keeping it clean and maintaining it is a breeze. 

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  • Accessories
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fits 25mm Bangers
  • No Chazzing or Haziness
  • Oil Accessories
  • Provides Impeccable Taste
  • Retains Heat Longer Than Quartz