Dahn Lindstrom Glass Slyme Green Alien Rig
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Dahn Lindstrom Glass Slyme Green Alien Rig

This one of a kind heady piece from Dahn Lindstrom is sure to take you to another planet. The majority of this rig is worked with slime green and darker green glass that give the illusion of alien skin. Purple slime glass is also worked into the two rear feet, right arm, and three drip-like accents under the eye. The left arm features little horns and is modeled as if it's a lit torch featuring orange colored glass that can also be found at the bottom on the front of this piece. On the sides of the head are two black Frankenstein bolts, and two goblin-like ears, and catching your attention in the center of the face is a single, dichroic cyclops eye. The mouth piece is also a part of the head, and doubles as storage for a clear glass dabber tool that goes directly into the top. This piece is heavy in detail all over, which you see for example in the two striped tubes linking the underside of the alien to his two rear feet, which is all simply for aesthetics. This rig is intended to be used with the alien facing towards you, and is sure to give you an experience that is out of this world.

Joint Size:

14.5mm Male Joint


7 inches Tall

Unique One of a Kind

This item is a unique heady piece, we only have one available (pictured) and will not be able to restock a design exactly like this. Snatch it up and own a truly unique piece!


  • 360
  • Colored Glass
  • Concentrate Rig
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Male Joint with Female Dome
  • Slyme Glass
  • Thick Glass
  • Unique One of a Kind
  • Worked Glass

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Features of this Dab Rig

Thick Glass

We consider this piece to have thick glass, which helps with the durability of certain glass items.  Thick glass means your piece is less likely to break as a result of damage.  While many of our pieces have thick glass, we felt the need to point it out specifically here.

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Dahn Lindstrom Glass

Dahn Lindstrom has been working with a flame and blowing glass since 1995. He is an American artist, and currently works out of Joliet, Illinois. Many of his pieces are inspired by monsters and other creatures, and he works almost exclusively with organic shapes. His heady pieces are widely admired for their gorgeous colors and careful detail. He cultivates this patience and attention to detail in his free time as a bonsai artist. At the Smoke Cartel warehouse, we keep our Dahn Lindstrom pieces carefully tucked away, but always within sight so that we can keep on eye on such incredible handiwork.

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