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Smell is the sense most closely connected to memory. When you smell a certain soap, you might have memories of your first kiss. When your landlord smells dank kush, they might remember they have to print out your eviction notice.

(Unspecified dry herb) is hard to store. It's bulky. It's fragile. It's temperamental to the elements. And, worst of all, it reeks. Most of us get one whiff on the street and go, "AYY!" But this is not always the setting and situation one finds oneself in.

Canlock's Smell-Proof Vacuum Seal Glass Jar features a built-in airlock pump that is activated by simply twisting on the lid, creating a pressurized seal.

This means the unspecified herb is kept smell-proof, temperature-proof, moisture-proof, and more. You can even pop in a humidity regulator to ensure it's kept at the ideal 62% range.

The Stash+ is the largest size of the Canlock line and can fit 11 to 14 grams. It's FDA approved and made from sturdy borosilicate glass.

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All products on this site are intended for tobacco or legal dry herb usage.


11 to 14g

Storage Capacity

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Built In Airlock Pump
  • FDA Approved
  • Final Review
  • Largest Size
  • Moisture Proof
  • Pressurized
  • Smell Proof
  • Storage
  • Temperature Proof
  • Vacuum Seal