BIG Roll Uh Bowl - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Side View - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Front View - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Scale - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Detail Shot - Base - Downstem - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Downstem & Bowl - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Packed - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Color Variant - Black - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Color Variant - Green - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Color Variant - Glow in the dark - BIG Roll Uh Bowl
Glow in the Dank


By Roll Uh Bowl

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About this Roll Uh Bowl Bong

Want a bigger bowl and bigger hits? The BIG Roll Uh Bowl includes a king size bowl with mesh screen and is made with a suction cup base to hold your piece in place on a flat surface.

Fold the Roll Uh Bowl in half, tuck the bowl and downstem inside and secure with the silicone band. Throw your portable piece into a backpack and hit the trails, slopes, beach or wherever adventure may take you.

Includes: stainless steel Eject-a-Bowl with roller ball downstem, silicone storage band.

  • Height: 12" when unfolded
  • Downstem size: 9mm
  • Material: BPA-free grade V1 platinum cured silicone, stainless steel bowl, composite downstem
  • Features: bendable, foldable, dishwasher safe

*Band colors may vary.

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