Aric Bovie Fumed Wig Wag Water Pipe
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Fumed Wig Wag Water Pipe

By Aric Bovie

Beautiful, subtle color working on a mighty rig.

Aric Bovie's Fumed Wig Wag Water Pipe shows off the glassblower's remarkable technique with some beautiful rainbow wig wag fumed color working all along the piece's base, neck, and accents.  This piece truly belongs somewhere where it can catch the light and show off its true colors.  Also decorated with blue stripes and horn accents, this piece almost resembles a suit of armor or a really crazy castle.  With a 90 degree 14.5mm female joint, this pipe comes with a color worked flower bowl with matching blue horn accents.  The pipe also sports a diffused downstem to boot, making it not only a lovely addition to your pipe collection, but an effective one as well.

Joint Size:

14.5mm Female Joint


7.5 inches

Handblown in:

Asheville NC

Unique One of a Kind

This item is a unique heady piece, we only have one available (pictured) and will not be able to restock a design exactly like this. Snatch it up and own a truly unique piece!


  • 360
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Colored Glass
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Fumed Glass
  • Straight Neck
  • Unique One of a Kind
  • Worked Glass
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Features of this Glass Water Bong

Diffused Downstem

A diffused downstem is a simple glass tube that puts the smoke down through the water. Smoke diffuses into the water through the downstems holes or slits.

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Aric Bovie

Aric Bovie is a professional glassblower from the Blue Ridge Mountains over in Asheville, North Carolina. Bovie is known for his animal and creature-inspired heady dab rigs and recyclers. Incredibly talented with color and design, Bovie's pieces come out of the kiln looking practically alive. Color fuming and wig wag techniques give Aric Bovie pipes a masterful and polished finish that would look great on any windowsill or mantle. Bovie even experiments in traditional glassblowing techniques such as reticello and millefiori elements. If you consider your pipe a friend and a valuable shoulder to lean on, definitely consider adding an Aric Bovie water pipe to your collection for a daily driver you can truly count on.

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