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Purple Rose Supply 1oz Cannamold Kit w/ Custom Humidor & Wraps

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Sicker than your average.

Arrive in style to any event, party, or gathering with a 42 gram Cannagar you rolled yourself. Whether it’s Christmas, New Years, 4/20, or a Labor Day BBQ, the 42g is guaranteed to last longer than your friends’ ability to stay awake.

This CannaMold can hold around 42 grams and will burn for up to 24 hours. Never stop your session to roll up ever again. This Cannagar can be shared with your entire friend group all night.

Your custom humidor was made specially with Mahogany wood to ensure the taste and the terpenes of your bud are never affected like it would in a traditional cedar humidor. Pack your Cannagar using the reusable metal skewer to create the perfect airflow. Once packed, let your Cannagar cure for a minimum 4 days for the slowest and smoothest burn. Wrap your 42g in Native Leaf Wraps and to get the full flavor of your bud. Top your Cannagar masterpiece with the reusable Glass Tip for a classy feel. 


  • 42g CannaMold
  • Custom Humidor
  • Premium Reusable Glass Tip
  • 3 Reusable Metal Skewers
  • 3 LUCY Native Leaf Co. Wraps
  • 2 Bovedas



Exterior  6" x 13.38" x 9.125"
Interior Top Tray 12.5" x 8.125" x 2.5"
Interior Bottom Compartment 12.25" x 8.125" x 2.125"



31.7mm x 43.4mm x 243.7mm



19.3mm x 271.6mm


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6" x 13.38" x 9.125"

Humidor Size

Mahogany Wood

Humidor Material

  • 3 Easy Steps
  • 42g Capacity
  • Easy to Use
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Includes Boveda Humidity Control Packs
  • Includes Custom Humidor
  • Includes LUCY Native Leaf Co. Wraps
  • Includes Premium Reusable Glass Tip
  • Includes Reusable Metal Skewers
  • Make Cannagars At Home
  • Perfect for Parties!
  • Purple Rose Supply
  • Rolling Machine
  • Slow and Even Burn
  • Up To 24 hr Burn Time